Deal Driver #2 – Invitation | EREI 285


Epic Real Estate Investing podcast Deal Driver #2 Invitation with sellers to close more dealsDo you know exactly what to say when motivated sellers call?

Epic Real Estate Investing shares the inside track on how to establish a connection with sellers, then extend an invitation that establishes trust and confidence.

Discover the one promise that you should make to clients upfront and discover how giving sellers the option to walk away actually draws them closer.

Sharpen your communication techniques, connect with sellers, and close more deals with Epic Real Estate Investing Deal Drivers!


What You Will Learn About Deal Driver #2 – Invitation:

      • How you can shift your mindset from making piles of cash to building streams of cash

      • How to gain acceptance with clients with stronger connection

      • What to say when motivated sellers call you

      • Three things you must do to build rapport with sellers

      • Epic Deal Driver strategies for connecting with sellers
      • Why listening is so critical to building relationship with clients

      • How you can better relate to sellers with the Epic Deal Driver

      • When you should extend your invitation with the seller

      • The one promise you should make to clients up front

      • How to give the seller the option to walk away

      • Why you should always follow-up and confirm your appointments

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