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Danny Morel

Join Matt Theriault on Thought Leader Thursday as we introduce Danny Morel, an author, coach, host, trainer, successful real estate broker, and owner of Intero Real Estate Services, the #3 listing service in Southern California. Today, he shares how he found success despite many disadvantages, the biggest thing his clients are afraid to do, a simple technique to double or triple your income, and much more!

Danny Morel

What You Will Learn About Danny Morel – The Resilience Roadmap:

  • His surprising first business venture before real estate (at the ripe age of 17)
  • His biggest life dream as a child
  • How Danny Morel got a real estate education for free
  • The three issues everyone who wants to be successful in business has to deal with
  • How Danny found success despite all his disadvantages
  • The biggest thing Danny’s clients are afraid to do
  • How to cure your “scarcity mindset”
  • A simple technique to double or triple your income
  • What his new book, The Resilience Roadmap, is about (and why people who were hit hard by the 2008 crash will particularly appreciate it)
  • How to win a free copy of Danny Morel’s book

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Matt Theriault: Hello, I am Matt Theriault of Epic Real Estate Investing of Epic Real Estate Investing Show and this is Thought Leader Thursday.

So today I’m joined by a very successful entrepreneur. He’s always aspired to live an upscale lavish lifestyle depicted by characters that most of us only see on TV and his family though, on the other hand, had a very different type of lifestyle and despite her best efforts, his wonderful mother, couldn’t climb out of a deep financial rut. So they were on food stamps, they were barely able to pay their rent, they struggled in poverty, they lived in a crummy apartment and even a crummier neighborhood. It just gets worse and worse and it bothered him. No, it actually really, it angered him knowing people out there living lives of abundance while he lived a life of scarcity but it all changed. We wouldn’t have him on the show if it didn’t, right? And he wants to share that with you. So lying in bed the day after graduation he had a choice to make, get a job like everybody else and play it safe or set his sights high and just go for it, right? So he didn’t toil with the decision, he didn’t grapple with fear or worry about failing. At that moment he knew that he had the ability to shape his destiny into whatever he wanted it to be, he knew he deserved more. We all deserve more, that his family deserved more and so do you.

And today, let’s learn how to get it. So please help me welcome to Epic Real Estate Investing, Mr. Danny Morel. Danny, welcome to the show.

Danny Morel: Hey, thanks for having me. I’m excited to spend a couple moments with you and your audience my friend.

Matt: Super. I’m excited to have you here as well, Danny. We run in similar circles, we’ve got a bunch of mutual friends but we’ve never really got to talk to each other much and so let’s take this opportunity to do that and we’ll try and create some magic at the same time. Sound good?

Danny: Sounds absolutely perfect.

Matt: Perfect. So Danny, before we get into all of the big things that you’re up to today, ’cause you’re really playing a big game in life, let’s talk about your beginning which was as a real estate agent. What were you doing just prior to getting involved as an agent and how did that happen?

Danny: Prior to becoming a real estate agent, at the time I’m 18 years old or something and it’s funny the way fate takes over but I raised my younger brother who now is very successful. He actually runs our real estate brokerage but our dad wasn’t around so I was the one at 17, 16 years old going to all of the parent/teacher conferences, I was taking him to all of his little league practices and at the time there was this Mexican guy who had a tortilla delivery company and he just noticed this young kid who I guess, in his eyes, was pretty responsible. So he was leaving to Mexico and he wanted someone to stay in charge of his home and his delivery route and I’m not kidding you, he just pulled me aside and said, “Listen, I want you to take over my route for me. It’ll pay you about 2,500 hundred bucks, pardon me, about 4,500 hundred bucks a month, a little over a thousand dollars a week. All I want, leave me a 10 percent commission on whatever you make and I also want you to stay in my home and take care of my home.”

In hindsight, I don’t know if I would ever do that with a 17, 18-year-old kid but this guy did it with me and he literally gave me his house and the keys to his truck, showed me the route and sure enough, for an entire summer I worked as a tortilla delivery person and I did, I guess, such a great job that when he came back he had three routes he literally sold me one of them and that was like my first business and that’s what I was doing prior to selling real estate.

Matt: Wow, I always love hearing people’s stories. Tortilla delivery person, that’s the first on this show. There’s all different ways and different walks of life that we all come from to get where we are. So what inspired you about real estate and what inspired you to become an agent?

Danny: Happenstance, my goal was to buy us a home by the time I was 21 and so I wanted to get my family out of the ghetto. Like if anybody out there knows what Rialto, California is there this street down there called Jackson Street, that’s that one street I think other than maybe Watts in California that you don’t wanna live on, I lived on that street. So I wanted to get us out of the ghetto and I set my eyes on the top of the neighborhood, the top of the city which is kind of like our Beverly Hills and I wanted to buy a house. So I happen to go on a day off that I had to a job fair and there happen to be a real estate agent there and I just started asking him some questions about how much money I needed for a down payment, whatever, and then I’ll never forget, I asked him the magic question. I said, “Is there any money in real estate?” He said, “Sure.” I said, “Tell you what, I work six days a week right now but I wanna work on Sundays for you and I’ll even work for free. I don’t want your money, I just want the knowledge and I’ll help you and in exchange, I just want knowledge as to how to do that.”

I say that now because, for all your listeners, I really do believe that value is more important than cost or than the dollar. You and I are both a part of an organization where we’ll pay whatever it takes because we’re getting so much in return for that and I think the entrepreneurs have a hard time with letting go of the dollar and with sowing into their future and I never had a problem with that. Don’t ask me why just at a young age understood the future is more important than what I feel right now or what I have to spend right now to get it.

Matt: That was what, how long ago? Fifteen years ago, 20 years ago?

Danny: Twenty years ago, yeah.

Matt: Okay, and today your real estate business looks like what?

Danny: Today I’m a broker, I own Intero Real Estate Services in Southern California. We’ve got seven offices and one of our offices, actually if you look in the multiple listing services in Southern California, it’s kinda cool because you see Realty One, Keller Williams, Century 21 and then you see this little company called Intero that does not have a national brand and so we’re the number three office in the entire multiple listing services right now in all of Southern California and I’m proud of that because it speaks to our culture, our training philosophy. So yeah, I’m really, really proud of that. We’ve got seven offices, just over 400 agents and about an agent and a half a day joins our company right now, close to two agents a day join the company right now.

Matt: That’s amazing. Congratulations, congratulations. So you are a very successful real estate broker but, Danny you’re also an author, you’re a coach, you’re a host, you’re a trainer. Which one of those titles right there are the most important to you and why?

Danny: I think the most important title would be a life changer, again, I don’t know why I’m just wired this way. I can remember being that poor kid in the ghetto and I can remember wanting to do more and become more and yet, to be perfectly honest with you, I didn’t see anybody in my family who was achieving more. So that bothered me and I just started to think, “Why is it that if I watch TV I see these kids that in high school are driving these nice cars and live in these beautiful homes, and like nobody in my life has that.” I couldn’t find the proof and I went out and sought the proof and I went out and sought the lessons and I went out and paid for the coaching and I went out and went to the seminars and I went out and I read the books and so now I kinda feel like God has given me this gift that now I have to utilize to help other people. So that’s why we wrote the book, that’s why we put on our events, that’s why if you’ve seen me on social media, that’s what I do all day long literally, is help encourage and empower and teach and show other people that they can do it too.

Matt: Right, no I can attest to that. I see you out there working really hard. Who do you help and what do you do to help them?

Danny: It’s so funny you ask that. I just had an event, we had about 600 people at the Loews Coronado Hotel in San Diego. Mel Robbins was there with us, she’s the author of the Five Second Rule. If you haven’t read that book, you need to read it.

Matt: Is that picking up the food off the ground, you gotta eat it quickly.

Danny: That’s not that five-second rule.

Matt: Different rule, okay got it.

Danny: Different five-second rule, yeah. But if you were to ask anybody in attendance, “Am I a real estate guy?” Yeah, ’cause that’s my business but anybody that wants to succeed in business has to deal with, I think, three issues. Number one is their mind. I think that’s number one, you have the right mindset then you can go out and succeed at anything it is that you want to do but number two is the right skills. You have to learn … Whatever business you’re in, it’s gonna involve sales and so it involves proper communication, it involves clarity, it involves proper tonality and it involves a proper conversation and so really what I teach is applicable to any industry, to any entrepreneurs. My focus right now, however, is real estate agents so we’ve got several realtors across the country who are a part of our coaching program and yeah, that’s what we do.

Matt: Super. So you said three things though, sorry I didn’t catch them. One was the mindset, one was getting the right skills, what was the third one?

Danny: I think the third one is issues of the heart. I’m fortunate enough to meet a lot of people, to help a lot of people and coach a lot of people but us as humans, man, we deal with garbage. We deal with things that have ever happen to us in the past and situations that hold us back from really believing that we are capable of receiving more in our life and that was something that was a big hurdle that I had to get over. I had to get over the fact that I’m Hispanic, I had to get over the fact that I was poor, I had to get over the fact that I had a dad that didn’t wanna hang out anymore, I had to get over the fact that we didn’t have any money, I had to get over the fact that we were on welfare, I had to get over all of that. Those are issues of the heart and instead of being a victim and instead of having a pity party, I had to decide that whatever it was that had happened in my past and whatever it was that my family had gone through in the past, I was not going to allow to affect my family in the future and I’m a big believer in that your family is really you, your spouse and down, you, your spouse and down.

That’s big for us ’cause culturally in the Hispanic community your family is fricking everybody and there are lots of influence going so forth and so on. So I just had to make a decision for my future, my wife, my kids that I was going to deal with and address the issues of the heart, work through them and then move one to finally to be able to receive what I knew I was destined to receive.

Matt: Right, I really like that message. I wish … And thank God for you out there spreading that message, leaving the past where it belongs, taking responsibility for where you are right now, not playing that victim role. I’ve never met a wealthy successful victim. So you’ve got these three things as a successful entrepreneur you have to have the right mindset, the right skills, the issue of the heart. What are the biggest mistakes that you see people make when they’re implementing your formula for success?

Danny: I think the biggest thing is people are afraid to invest in themselves. I think psychologically speaking, so many people have hang-ups over money so that they don’t even get in the door to learn what it is that they need to learn to improve themselves and this is across the board. You put a hundred people in a room and like 80 percent of them have a scarcity of money. So they’ll never go to a seminar, they’ll never invest in themselves, they’ll never find the mentor because they’re hoarders and it’s this sought of what abundance means. Everybody wants to go on social media and look on Instagram and look at all the thought leaders and all that stuff but then you gotta learn, you gotta say, “Okay, wait a minute, time out. What point in time am I gonna stop looking for the answer and realize that the problem is within and the answer is within.” It’s in each and every one of us and so I think that’s the number one thing that people struggle with. I think that there’s plenty of great people like yourself who wanna help, who wanna teach people. I’ll tell you right now, if I took your course on how to buy and sell houses, I’ll be a millionaire in 12 to 24 months, hands down, hands down.

What’s gonna stop me is the question, what’s the cost? I’m gonna tell each and every one of your audience here is the answer and I want you all to write this down because I don’t know your program but I’m gonna tell you exactly what the cost is. You ready, the cost is who gives a shit, that’s the cost. That’s the cost and that’s how you need to start thinking about this stuff. The cost is whatever the cost is people and you cannot allow that to hold you back because if it holds you back in this area of your life, trust me, money is holding you back in other areas of your life. Your family is sacrificing the way they travel, you’re sacrificing the lifestyle that you live, you’re sacrificing in the home that you’re in right now, you look at those walls, you look at the tile on the kitchen cabinets and you don’t like ’em but you don’t wanna do anything about it because you have a scarcity mindset about money. I can go on and on and on but this is the deep-rooted issue that I see holds most people back is that they don’t even give themselves a chance to learn because they’re so attached to this scarcity mindset.

Matt: I love that message too. I think we’re kindred spirits for sure. I keep on looking for guests that I disagree with to bring onto the show and I keep finding like-minded people, you’re fantastic. With that said, it’s really easy to say, I’m playing devil’s advocate, putting myself in the audience’s shoes, I think scarcity mindset is a big deal. What’s something practical that people could do, is like, “Okay, I got it. Dan, you made yours and you’ve got this great mindset, I’m inspired. What do I do to start chipping away or completely removing that scarcity mindset?”

Danny: Okay, this is a simple technique that works. I’ve seen people double and triple their income literally here in my company by doing this technique. So I created a journal and in the journal, and you could just do this on a piece of paper but do it every single day people, you gotta realize that your brain has a portion of your brain called a reticular activating sensor and that portion of your brain is what dictates what you believe is possible for yourself or not possible for yourself, what you believe is real or not real. It’s like, I could tell you that you could fly off a building all you want but if you believe nope, I can’t fly I’m gonna fall, not only is that reality but that’s what the brain buys into. Well, it’s the same thing with money, so what I teach people to do and you can start doing it literally tonight. Take the most amount of money that you’ve ever earned in a year and you take that number and you multiply it by three and it’s gonna stretch you and it’s gonna feel uncomfortable and it’s gonna feel like not good and you’re gonna write down 25 times a day, I earn a blank or more per year.

And the blank is three times the most amount of money you’ve ever earned and here’s why that’s so important, Matt. It’s so important because what people don’t realize is that what is a lot to you and I is a little to someone else. I’m gonna say that again. What’s a lot to you and I is a little to someone else. So once you get that you’ve gotta start to realize that what you perceive as a lot or a little it’s a hundred percent in your head so you might as well rewire that and little by little as you start writing it every single day it is the craziest thing in the world that happens. You start meeting the right mastermind people, the right mentors, the right coaches, the right deals start showing up, literally they start showing up just to match the outside world with what you are now putting in your inside world. That’s the best piece of advice I can give somebody, that they can start like right now.

Matt: I saw a Chris Rock concert and he was talking about the difference between being rich and wealthy and he said if Bill Gates woke up tomorrow and his bank account had the same balance as Oprah Winfrey it might inspire a heart attack on his part, right? There’s always someone who has more and they’re looking at your problems like, “How small are your, why are you even complaining? What are you dealing with?” Great perspective, fantastic. Let’s see, I’ve got a few more questions but let’s move on. Tell me about your book, The Resilience Roadmap and who is that for? The same person we’ve been talking about? Tell me about the book.

Danny: The book is really my journey because one thing that we didn’t mention is when the market crashed I lost everything, literally there was a moment where we couldn’t even afford rent, we couldn’t afford groceries anyways. So the book is about my journey back and I’ll never forget, my wife said, “Whatever you do, I want you to bounce back ten times better than you’ve ever had,” and I’m happy to say that I’ve honored my wife’s request. So the book is broken down and what it does is chapter by chapter it gives you the steps that you need in order to fulfill your dreams, create the business that you want, succeed at whatever it is that you wanna do. It’s literally, chapter one is Decide to Live by Faith and Not by Fear and that’s important for people to understand because many of us live by fear, right? And so I break down what that means and it’s about making a plan and taking inspired action. It’s literally broken down as a roadmap for people who want to excel in life, build a great business in a step by step manner and that’s why I wrote it.

Matt: What I did before we started recording, Danny, is I went onto Amazon and I bought ten of your books and I’m gonna give them away to the audience. So listen up, this is how you get one. Go to Instagram, I want you to tag Danny Morel and tag Epic Real Estate and I want you to create a post stating what you liked best about today’s interview and the first ten people to do that I’ll send you a free copy of Danny’s book, The Resilience Roadmap. You’re a good guy, you’ve got a great message and I just wanna help you get your word out there and your message out there even more. If anyone is inspired by what they heard today, what would be the best way if they wanted to reach out to you, what would be the best way for them to do that?

Danny: I mentioned Instagram, I invest a lot of time in Instagram because I have fun on it and for some reason that’s like my one social media platform that I love the most, so find me at Instagram. Just look up Danny Morel, M-O-R-E-L but then the other thing is, Matt, I wanna invite you as my guest. I’m having an event on July 11th, 12th and 13th. We have Ed [Mylet 00:19:14] coming out, Andy [Forsella 00:19:15] if you listen to podcasts you know who those two are. Gerard Adams, who sold his business for 50 million bucks by the age of 25 and Alex Rodriguez from the New York Yankees. They’re all coming, it’s a three-day event, July 11th through 13th. I’d love to have you guys join us. Go to relentlessevent.com and get some information and get your tickets, it’s gonna be incredible.

Matt: Thank you very much. Hey Danny, it’s been a pleasure. Thanks for being here today. Let’s stay in touch.

Danny: We will. I appreciate it. Looking forward to having you on my show soon.

Matt: Perfect, I’m looking forward to it as well. All right, I’m Matt Theriault, God Bless to your success. I’ll see you next week for another episode of Thought Leader Thursday. Take Care.