How to Simply Analyze and Close the Deal | EREI 233

How to Simply Analyze and Close the Deal | EREI 233

close real estate deals and close more deals for financial freedom and epic wealth build real estate portfolio to escape the rat race with cash flow savvy investments and epic real estate investing podcast podcasting real estate training real estate CRM promoting marketing attract buyersStart your year early and rebuild your business to simply close real estate deals. With a system of deal flow and strong property analysis methods you can learn to close real estate deals with a better return on your investment.

Discover easy ways you can analyze your properties, then create an exit strategy that gives you cash and cash flow. Get more creative strategies for funding your deals so that you don’t even need your own money. Financial freedom is around the corner and lasting wealth is within reach!

What You’ll Learn About How to Analyze and Close Real Estate Deals:

  • Five steps to maximize profit potential in your deal
  • How to analyze your deal to confirm your deal is an actual deal so you have zero issues finding a buyer
  • How to focus on maximum exposure in promoting your deal
  • When to start analyzing for alternative exit strategies
  • When to fix n’ flip a property
  • Further analysis you should apply to every property
  • How the entire analysis process can be completed in a few days
  • Your three options after inspections are complete
  • Checklist for your analysis and close process
  • How to get the contract before deciding on exit strategies
  • A simple proven system to achieve your 12-month real estate goals in just 89 days
  • More ways to streamline your business and simply close real estate deals
  • Why coffee is for closers

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Matt Theriault

Real estate investor and educator.