Cash vs. Cash Flow | Financial Freedom Friday

Cash vs. Cash Flow | Financial Freedom Friday

To financially invest in your future effectively, it’s crucial that you understand the distinction between cash and cash flow. If you have so far been focused on saving up piles of cash, then check out this installment of Financial Freedom Friday to discover why you should change your priorities! Today Matt tells you why cash is not king, and he explains how to both create and protect your wealth in the current economy.


What You’ll Learn:

  • When cash stopped being king and was replaced by cash flow.
  • Why living off of the interest of your savings is no longer a viable strategy for wealth maintenance.
  • Why consumers are punished for participating in the economy.
  • How to protect your wealth should there be a currency collapse.
  • Why you should invest in asset classes that are essential to the economy; and
  • How to identify these classes.
  • The importance of understanding the mindset of different economic classes.
  • Where the poor, middle class, and rich spend most of their money.
  • How to use compounding education to increase your likelihood of achieving financial freedom.
  • The difference between making piles of money and making streams of money.



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Matt Theriault

Real estate investor and educator.