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Today, we have the 3 business hacks that will help you get desired results faster and easier, so you can get involved in more money-making opportunities. Useful and easy to duplicate in any business, these tips are especially helpful for real estate investors. So, stay with us and learn why you should be careful and intentional about creating the right environment for yourself, where to find like-minded people, and what to ask when the conversation becomes awkwardly silent.

What You Will Learn About Business Hacks for Real Estate Investors:

  • Where and how to seize the opportunity to learn about a well-preforming, automated lead machine
  • The new victories at The Epic Real Estate
  • Where to look if you are interested in building a successful virtual wholesaling businesses
  • The positive side of peer pressure effect
  • Where to find like-minded people
  • Who to look for in group meetings
  • Why you want to be a person of value and how to be one
  • The magic question that kills awkward silence and leaves a favorable lasting impression of you
  • How to stick up in the group meetings
  • The essential reads for real estate investors

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Speaker 1: Making offers, and cashing checks, what’s new, what’s next, with Ashley Montion.

Ash Montion: Hey, this is Ash, Matt’s assistant, and you’re going to really love this episode, as Matt’s going to tell you all about business hacks for real estate investors, they’re seriously like magic. But before he gets started, I wanted to real quickly tell you about what’s new, and what’s next at Epic Real Estate. First here’s what’s new at Epic.

In-flight club, where aspiring investors go to get their first, or their next deal done using little to no money, we’re super excited to announce that two investors closed their first deals this past week, Jayron and Devin. Both investors posted pictures of their checks in our private Facebook group, one for 1,500, another one for 6,500. Super proud of you guys, keep the momentum up, we’re super excited to read about your next deal as well.

So if you’d like some help with getting your first or your next deal done, go to In our Epic Pro Academy private Facebook group on follow through Friday, we had some big wins shared by our investors. Kevin, he closed on a flip this past week with $45,000 projected in profit and closed on a rental with $35,000 in equity, and that’s going to be bringing him $300 a month in cash flow. Dang Kevin, keep up the good work.

[Aboss 00:02:57], Aboss sold a duplex he bought a few years back, and he saw The Avengers, had to share that one. Good stuff there Aboss, keep on sharing. Jack and Josh, we’re always amazed by their consistency. They’re constantly posting on follow through Friday in the academy, and we’re always looking forward to reading their wins. So this past week they closed on a sale of a duplex in Fargo. They signed a purchase agreement for sale of a pre-completed flip. That got them $40,000 in profit, and they experimented with a new strategy that got them 23 showing schedule in a 24 hour period. Wow, talk about power moves, great job you guys. Keep it up, looking forward to seeing what you guys do next week.

Chris, Chris teamed up with a fellow real estate investor and put a deal under contract. Justin, Justin also put a deal under contract this past week. Congrats you guys, keep up the great work, keep on posting. Might I also add that all of these investors are REI Acers. Keep it up, and keep those wins coming in. All righty, so what’s next at Epic?

Two of Matt’s REI Ace clients, who both run very successful seven-figure virtual wholesaling businesses, have put together a course on how to do exactly what they do, and they’ve asked Matt to host it. This should be super, super exciting as neither one of these REI Ace rockstars have aspirations to be gurus. You could say it’s more of a fun project for them. So if you’d like some help with setting up your virtual wholesaling business, or improving the one you already have, go to And a little disclaimer here, dun dun dun, this course is not for beginners. With that said, all of the details on this high level virtual wholesaling course can be found at That’s what I’ve got for you guys today, see you again soon for what’s new and what’s next at Epic Real Estate. Enjoy the show.

Speaker 1: This is Theriault Media.

Matt: Hey rockstar, it’s Matt Theriault from Epic Real Estate, with some business hacks for you, and you’re going to love these, especially if you’re looking to accelerate your real estate investing progress, or you’re looking for a shortcut, or an easier way, or a shorter, faster, easier way even. I’ve got a few business hacks to share with you today that will do just that. Produce your results faster, and easier, so you can get involved and participate in more money making opportunities. Because that’s why we’re here, right? To make some money, yep.

All righty, so I’m going to give you some business hacks that are really just for real estate investors. Well not really, but these hacks are specifically just one hack in particular. It’s responsible for my success more than anything else that I can think of, and it’s so easy to duplicate, for anyone to duplicate, but so sadly so few people do it. And they’ll work in any industry, but with real estate being the lucrative people business that it is, these hacks work especially well for real estate investors. These hacks, they revolve around the idea that you’ve surely heard before. The idea that you are the average of the five people that you spend the majority of your time with, you’ve heard that?

Yes, this business hack to which I’m referring, it’s to be intentional about creating your environment, being intentional about it, and it works like this. We can all remember a time when we were kids, maybe in middle school, high school, we did something stupid just because someone else did it, or someone else encouraged us to do it. Or we felt like we might look good, or get acceptance from others by doing it. And what we call that is peer pressure, and it has a negative connotation to it, right? But what most people don’t realize is, that peer pressure works both ways. Here’s what I mean, if you hang around the bad kids, as humans, we tend to assimilate, we do bad things. If you hang around the good kids, as humans we assimilate there also and we do good things.

And just because we’re older, and we’re out of school, doesn’t mean this force disappears. We still assimilate, we’re still human. And when you’re aware of this force, you can actually use it to your advantage. You can change your environment, and you can change your world. So you see, just by the very nature of how humans tend to assimilate, changes just happen naturally by changing your environment. But more practically, when you’re intentional about this, what you’re going to find is you’re going to have different conversations with people. You’ll get different ideas, you’ll have access to different resources, and relationships that can turn those ideas into reality. You’re going to find yourself in different types of opportunities, opportunities with greater potential. Because you’re spending time with the type of people that create those opportunities, the type of people that seize those opportunities. The type of people that profit from those opportunities.

In hindsight, if I could point to just one thing that had the biggest impact on my biggest successes, it would be to the people that I was spending my time with. And the magic question that I would always ask people when conversations would come to an uncomfortable awkward silence. You know how that is, right? You run out of the small talk, well I’m going to give you that magic question that’s going to fire things right back up, all righty? So I’ve got three points as to where you can start creating a more impactful environment for yourself. We’ll go over those first, and I’ll give you that question.

So the first one is where to look, two, who to look for, three, what to do when you find them. And then I’ll give you that one question that I always ask, that when I run out of that small talk, that will fire that conversation right back up, put me on anyone’s good side, and leave a favorable lasting impression, all right?

So number one, where to look. You want to look for groups, organizations, or clubs where successful like-minded people get together. Entrepreneur groups are typically a good starting point. Real estate investor groups are an obvious one. If you have other aspirations outside of the real estate, because everybody loves real estate, like sailing, or wine tasting, or golf, or working with charities. Places where you have a genuine interest or passion for, those are really helpful. And just the good old fashion Google search is going to help you find these groups., that’s another great place to find gatherings of like-minded people as well., that’s going to lead you to a real estate investor group in your area.

So that’s where to look, now two, who to look for. Well, you want to look for the leaders of the group, like the organizers, or typically anyone that looks like they’re directing the meeting. Or anyone that’s got the mic in their hand, or anyone that others are paying a lot of attention to, you want to listen in conversations, who others are talking about, who people are bragging about or acknowledging. Because you want to find the doers, because many groups, especially these easy to find free groups, are going to have a lot of dreamers, a lot of talkers, a lot of newbies. So you want to find the people in the group that are getting things done, the doers, the action takers. And if you can’t find anybody in the ways that I just mentioned, then just start asking.

You don’t have to be undercover, or secret or anything, but you could just ask. And with that said, you’re going to meet a lot of people when you take this on. And you’ve probably heard this before, and of course, you have. And I’ve shamefully been burned by it before, and that’s don’t judge a book by its cover, because you never know, especially when you’re new to a group. You never know who you’re talking to, so don’t be a jerk, that’s a bonus business hack. Okay, so that’s number two, who to look for.

Now number three, what to do when you find them. Plain and simple, just become a person of value, do some research. What do they need, how can you get it for them? Be of service, and give, and give without any expectation of that favor being returned to you, just give for the sake of giving. Because as you do this, you’re going to start to notice that when you’re given back to in exchange for all that value that you provided, it very often will not come from the person that you gave it to, it’s going to come from somewhere else, somewhere unexpected. It just happens, good attracts good, so be good. In this environment, perhaps even above being a person of service, be a person of your word.

I mean say what you’re going to do, and do what you say, follow through. I mean this quality alone will have you stand out and above the crowd. It’s pretty remarkable how far just being normal and friendly, will get you in good crowds. So don’t be weird, is another bonus business hack, don’t be a jerk, don’t be weird.

All right, so here’s the plan. Head over to Google, search for groups that you’d like to involve yourself with. Check the dates that they meet, and then put those in your calendar. If it doesn’t get scheduled, it doesn’t get done, put them in your calendar. And before you attend, do whatever research you can on the group, and if possible the people in the group. It’s going to help to not walk in cold. And then when that date arrives go. This only works if you actually go, all right? So you got to go, and then arrive a little early, introduce yourself to the organizers, offer to help, be positive, be interested. Choose groups that you are genuinely interested in so you don’t have to fake this part, all right?

And then just listen in for the doers, listen to the conversation. If you can’t figure it out, ask, ask the organizer. Who should I know in the group, who are the movers and shakers, would you mind introducing me? Learn what you can about those people suggested, and the people that you meet, and then just watch and listen for opportunities to serve them. Relationships, they’re not built in one meeting, so you got to be patient, but you got to be consistent. So be consistent with your attendance.

And then here’s one of my favorite questions to ask, I was talking about. Someone that I would like to get closer to, and this really helps when you’re having small talk with this person, and the conversation starts coming to a close, or it reaches a moment of awkward silence, the question that fires everything right back up and then leaves a favorable lasting impression for you. I’d always ask this, “By the way, who is your ideal client, and should I come across them, what would be the best way for me to introduce them to you?” I mean you’ll see people’s faces light right up when you ask that question. You know why, because nobody asks that question. Most people are there looking to be introduced to their own potential clients. Nobody is out there looking to introduce other people to their potential clients.

And when they answer, take a mental note, and then just politely excuse yourself. Don’t force them to excuse themselves, nobody likes to do that, so do it for them. Because those two things right there are going to be the last thing that they remember about you, and they make a favorable lasting impression. So at this point, now I would know who they’re looking for, and then my radar would be turned on. I’d be looking for that person. And this is exactly how I was introduced to Robert Kiyosaki. And we created a few lessons together for his audience because of this, and then he appeared on the podcast for my audience because of this.

And it was through a chain of people where that question set everything off. I’ve got countless similar stories like that, but that was the first thing that came to mind, all righty? Oh and a great book to read for this business hack, would be the time-honored classic, Think and Grow Rich. And another one actually, How to Win Friends and Influence People. Both great people books, and essential reads for real estate investors when it comes to this business hack of being intentional about creating your environment, all righty?

Okay, one more hack, one more at places like this specifically where there’s a group of people. And this works really well if the room or the place is set-up classroom style, or a concert style, where there’s a stage up front and a bunch of chairs. So since you did some research on the group beforehand, come up with a couple of questions prepared. Have some good questions in, and sit in the front row. And then when you have the opportunity, ask your question or questions to the person at the front, speak up, be loud and clear so that everyone can hear you. Stand up even if it’s inappropriate so that everyone will see you.

And you’ll be amazed how easily approachable you become after the meeting. The right people are going to start coming up to you, and if you arrived early to help and you’ve been friendly the whole time, and you sat in the front, and you asked a good question or two and everybody saw you and heard you, you are golden. That’s a fantastic start to making a favorable, and memorable impression in the right environment. That’s being intentional about creating your environment. Can you do this? You can, right, I know you can, so when will you begin? God bless to your success, now go make it rain.