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Succeed in real estate building Epic Wealth with passive income real estate investing podcast podcasting show for investors create cash flow with turnkey real estate investing passiveincomeaudit.comEpic Wealth shares a bubble-proof strategy for you to create passive income cash flow using the expertise and money of other people. Discover how you can acquire real estate and develop low risk investments that will allow you the financial future of your dreams. The only thing standing in the way is fear. Conquer it today to succeed in real estate and realize Epic Wealth.


What You Will Learn About Bubble-Proof Strategies to Conquer Your Fears and Succeed in Real Estate:

  • Why leveraging other people’s expertise

  • How you can double the value of your 401K in one year

  • Ways you can diversify your investment portfolio

  • How to build passive income

  • How you can leverage other people’s money

  • Ways you can virtually eliminate risk investing in real estate

  • Why real estate with the right strategy is the fastest way to wealth

  • How you can reach your passive income goals

  • Factors to consider when choosing a market

  • Why relationships are necessary to succeed in real estate

  • Risk management techniques

  • Five creative ways to buy real estate

  • Even more methods for building cash flow with real estate

Read the Transcript:

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Matt Theriault: Today's episode is sponsored by the Epic Wealth Experience, a live event that presents a revolutionary philosophy for understanding the building of wealth through real estate. You know how some people want to get involve in real estate investing but they don't have the time, they've already got a full time job, they've got family obligations, and/or they're running their own business already. You know how some people want to get involve in real estate investing, but they don't have a know-how, they don't know where to begin, they don't know what market to invest in, they don't know what type of properties to invest in, and you know how some people want to get involve in real estate investing but they don't have the money. I mean, they're already living paycheck to paycheck, they think they're maxed out on their credit, their monthly overhead is just so high there's nothing left at the end of the month. What all that really comes down to is fear. When any of these conditions are present for someone, fear sets in and it stops them dead in their track, and they do nothing, and tomorrow is the same as it was today.

At the Epic Wealth experience, there's a system in place that helps people get involve in cash flow investment properties from all across the country. There's also a system in place where an expert will hold you by the hand and walk you through the process from beginning to end. There's also a system in place that can arrange for people cash flowing investments of zero to no money down. What these systems do is give people the confidence and the ability to move forward and create multiple streams of income so that they can escape the rat race once and for all, living a life of options. I mean, imagine waking up each and every morning getting out of bed because you want to, as opposed to you having to. That's the type of life the Epic Wealth Experience can create for the busiest of people.

Go to EpicWealthExperience.com for more information, and to reserve your seat for the next event. EpicWealthExperience.com. Go to EpicWealthExperience.com.

Narrator: Now, back to creating your Epic Wealth.

Matt Theriault: Alrighty. So, now you’ve heard how I’ve personally set up my business, how I set it up to leverage the expertise of others, and by doing that how I virtually eliminate the risk from my real estate investing. You’ve seen by how my clients that when they jump on our backs and leverage our systems that we have in place and leverage our relationships and our teams, they benefit from that. You know Sheryl out at San Francisco with her Indianapolis property, it’s producing a 13% cash on cash return. Just the cash on cash return. That’s our first property. Raymond out of Richmond Virginia picking up a St. Louise property that produces 12% cash on cash return, and he has picked up a few more just like it since. Then Gary, Gary out of Pasadena more than doubling the value of his 401(k) within his first year working with us? Can you imagine doubling the value of your retirement account in one year all in a tax-free environment? Why don’t they teach these stuff in school? How much better our lives would have been if we learn this instead of the book report that we did on Catcher in the Rye? Great book but how does this serve us today? Why don’t they teach these stuff in school? All right, enough about them, enough about the school system. I want to talk about you.

If you had the leverage of money and other people’s expertise working for you in a diversified structure like the one that we just went over in the last segment, if you have that all working for you, what kind of impact would that have for you? What would be available to you in life that’s not available now? If you think about all the time you haven’t been leveraging other people’s money and other people’s expertise and you haven’t been diversifying, how much has it cost you?

Right now, you’ve got a choice to make. You can keep pursuing passive income through real estate the way you’ve been doing it or you can take on a new way and start leveraging other people’s money, other people’s expertise in a way that virtually eliminates the risk, that virtually eliminates the headache. Do that this new way, this is how you will escape the rat race while you’re still young enough to enjoy the freedom from the rat race. I’m not sure what has you tuned in to this show every week. It could be because you’re just getting by on your job’s income or maybe you have doubts about your current investments. Kind of like “I don’t know what Wall Street is doing. I don’t know if it’s going to work or not.” Or maybe it’s just been one big headache after another trying to create passive income from real estate for you. Well, now you know that passive income is the path to an easier life financially, that real estate supported by the right strategy is something you can be confident about, and by leveraging other people’s money and expertise you can get to where you want to go much faster with a sense of peace. I mean how do you think Gary is feeling right now about his 401(k)? Again, this is about you. How do you make it happen? You could take what you’ve learned during these last few episodes. You could piece some things together. You can go out there work by trial and error. In other words, go slow. And nothing wrong with that. That’s how I did it. Or you can plug into a proven solution: leveraging the expertise and efforts of others to do it all for you and go fast.

Well, the solution I created is called the passive income freedom plan. I got to stop for a second before I tell you what it is and state that is not for everybody. I mean if you are the resigned and cynical type that’s always looking for why things can go wrong, this is not for you. I found that generally, people that look for the negative in every scenario, they tend to get negative results. I’d just rather not be a part of that. If you’re grumpy, you’re cranky, you’re croggidy and you don’t like people much, I’ll ask you to not take the next step, all right.

The second person that this isn’t for is the person that is expecting to get something for nothing. Last week, we covered pretty thoroughly what passive income is and what it isn’t. You see, passive income, remember, does not mean uninvolved income. The word passive in passive income is not literal. Passive income though it’s still far better than active income and it’s still the only shot you have at ever experiencing financial freedom -- if you’re okay with a couple hours a month to do that to create your wealth then I will extend this invitation to you to get your passive income freedom plan. I built the passive income freedom plan specifically to help people overcome their day-to-day financial struggles, their doubts about their financial future, and to alleviate the frequent headaches that can accompany building wealth through real estate.

The passive income freedom plan is designed to make it easy to create passive income through real estate at an accelerated rate and provide peace of mind around one’s financial future. That’s what it’s designed to do. Listen, if I were in your shoes right now looking for a solution to creating passive income, I’d be looking for three things: I’d be looking for a proven customized plan that’s going to work just for me, I’d be looking for experts to take on all the heavy lifting of that plan for me, and then an open line of support should I ever have a question or need assistance. That’s exactly what the passive income freedom plan is.

So, that leaves us with just one thing left to discuss and that’s price. Normally, a client gets started with a $500 passive income audit. What this audit will do for you is (1) identify the number one thing that’s holding you back and how to overcome it, and (2) you’ll receive three specific strategies on how to reach your passive income goal the fastest. Then after the audit, of which could take as little as 10 minutes, you’re going to be clear on what there is to do to reach your passive income goal. I find this extremely rewarding to watch people see what’s possible for them. That’s why I’m offering a limited number of passive income audits for free. We’ve only got so many slots available so you got to want to go to passiveincomeaudit.com and grab one of those slots while they are still available. Go to passiveincomeaudit.com and book yourself directly into our calendar. Normally, 500 bucks, today it’s free. Grab one of these limited free spots by going to passiveincomeaudit.com.

Now, some of the more frequently asked questions that we get is -- one of them is how do you pick your markets? How do you know where to invest? Well, this is how we do it, and it’s a significant part of what I think makes us very very different. We certainly look at all of the other basic economic indicator. We look at affordability. We look at employment. We look at crime. We look at the school systems. We look at diversified industry in the area. We look at what the local government is doing. Are they involved in the community? Are they involved in improvements? We look at all the stuff that most experts look at when analyzing the market, but what makes us different is we don’t go into a market unless we have two solid competent trusted property management relationship in place. We must have two before we go in and here’s why. All of those economic indicators they can give a market a glowing endorsement a huge thumbs up but if there’s not competent property management in place to get the individual properties to perform and produce that passive income, we’re not going in. It’s not worth the risk. Not for us and not for our clients. Aside from the basic economic indicators that all experts look at, relationships, that’s what we look at, that’s number one.

Another question we often receive is: what happens when the next real estate bubble burst? I really like this question. I like it for two reasons: (1) I’ve got a bulletproof answer for it, and (2) I get to put my clients at ease with the answer. What happens when the next real estate bubble burst? Well, if you follow the risk management rules that I laid out step by step with rule number one being “Don’t wait for appreciation to buy real estate. Buy it for cash flow and wait.” Then it doesn’t matter what the market does. It may go up and it may go down and it will. While it’s doing that you are receiving your passive income. You see the ebbs and flows in the market may affect your property’s value but it has very little impact on your property’s cash flow, if any. Based on our crystal ball, that being that the growing demand for shelter, the growing population, real estate is only going to appreciate. I mean it may go up and down along the way while it appreciates but who cares? You’re receiving monthly passive income while it does, and that was the goal.

Now, if you’re still thinking about timing the market, wondering if it’s a good time to get in or not, if you’re concerned about the next bubble bursting, what that tells me is that you haven’t shifted your focus yet. You’re still focused on building piles of cash. Even though last week you made the decision to focus on creating streams of cash, you’re still thinking about building those piles. That’s okay. You’ve been thinking about those piles for quite a while, probably most of your life. That’s how most people think. It might take a minute or two for it to really sink in but it will. It will sink in. Don’t wait for it to sink in though. Just take what you know intellectually and get started. When that passive income starts rolling in, you’re heart is going to catch up. Everything is going to get into alignment. Everything is going to be just fine. So, go to passiveincomeaudit.com and grab one of those slots while they are still available. Just go ahead and book yourself directly into our calendar. Normally, $500. Today, it’s free. Grab one of those limited free spots. You can get one of those free spots for yourself at passiveincomeaudit.com.

You know right now is an extraordinary time to be searching for real estate deals. Many markets are experiencing solid appreciation again. Builders are starting to build again. It’s very exciting what’s going on right now. I want to talk about that right after this.

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And now, back to creating your Epic Wealth.

Matt: Alrighty, so just before the break I was mentioning that this is an extraordinary time to be searching for real estate deals. Many markets are experiencing solid appreciation again, builders they are starting to build again which means the market has bounced back significantly since the lows of 2007, 2008, 2009 which means purchasing properties at deep discounts isn’t as nearly as easy as it was a year ago or even just six months ago. But no worries, there is still plenty of profit to be had, still amazing amount of upside but likely less and less of that profit is going to come to you by way of buying discounted properties upfront like making those straight all cash offers. That’s a strategy a lot of investors use. I’d say I’ll give you all cash. We’ll close in seven days in exchange for a little bit more of a discount. That’s going to work less and less on my opinion. You are going to have to get creative on squeezing out profit from your deals and over the next several segments, I’m going to discuss how to use your intellectual currency more than your actual currency.

Let’s begin with a general overview of five creative ways to buy real estate. Then in the coming segments we’ll go ahead, we’ll dive deeper in detail and to each one of those individually. Alrighty? So, number one, conventional financing. Right there, let’s just kind of Google -- flies in the face of creativity doesn’t it? Right? Now, understand that this is -- This would not fall into the category of creativity but I invite you to look at conventional financing in a different way. You see we’re still at historical lows when it comes to interest rates and the banking guidelines they are starting to loosen up a bit. You’re going to use other people’s money you always want to take advantage of that cheapest money first. You want to take advantage of the cheapest money available. You want to go after that first. Right now, that would be the bank’s money, but it might not be for too much longer. The creativity comes in here with regard to how can you get some of these cheap money? I mean do you have the credit means? If you do, okay that is a very conventionally going about it. You might just want to tap into that right now if you haven’t already. Now, if you don’t have the credit means or if you’ve maxed out your credit, who else’s credit can you tap into? Are there people in your world with solid credit and solid financials that would be open to partnering with you by simply offering their credit score to a deal?

My good friend Christian Martinez, he just purchased almost his entire portfolio this way. He’s got the time to go out and find the deals. He has one partner bringing the down payment. He’s got another partner to qualify for the loan, and then so he finds the deals and he manages them. They are threeway partners and they are building wealth in a way that they couldn't if they are just doing it all by themselves individually. There is a thought on creativity and seizing the opportunities of the current lending environment, right.

So, number two, this is probably my favorite: seller carry back. Seller carry back. What a seller carry back is instead of you borrowing the money from a bank to purchase a property, the seller becomes the bank and loans the money to you. The creativity here, it’s really limited by only your thinking. Much of that creativity is inspired by why the seller is selling in the first place. Where is the motivation? That’s really where the creativity is going to come in and why you can actually make this a reality for yourself because sometimes they are going to carry back financing for you because there is no other way for them to sell the property. They are stuck. They got to. Or they are in a situation where they don’t need a big giant cash infusion or it’s a tax strategy so they don’t need the money so they’d rather have the installment payments and everything in between. The creativity and flexibility that can be had here is like no other. An opportunity for yourself can be created just really at every corner. Just the ease of acquisition alone is enough to add this to your toolbox meaning typically no credit scores required, no appraisal process, no bank headaches, no underwriting process. It’s not uncommon further to be no down payment either so seller carry back rocks. That’s number two.

Number three, subject to. Subject to. Now, the phrase subject to what that originates from is the expression subject to existing financing. Subject to existing financing. When purchasing a property subject to the existing financing stays in the seller’s name but title is transferred to your name. Okay? So the seller is still on hook for the loan but now you own the property. This is an ideal solution for the seller when they need to sell fast, they are in a situation where “I just got to get in and out. I got to get out. I got to get out.” It’s an ideal solution for you as frequently it can be a no money down deal. It can give you time to find alternative financing that will be on your name or it can serve as a bridge loan so to speak while you fix up the property and sell for top dollar at the retail level. In the event that you deployed a strategy to find a deal, understand it is your responsibility. Even though the debt is not in your name it is your responsibility to follow through on your word and make the payments of that seller’s financing and do that on time. Now, there are some other nuances here that are going to require your attention but that’s the gist, we’ll get to that later.

Number four, the seller is second. The sellers that can closely related to seller carry back. This strategy can be extremely helpful in putting deals together. The seller’s second and what that does is it implies that the seller gives a second home loan. Now normally, the second would be large enough to cover most of or all of say your down payment to complete your conventional financer requirements, your down payment maybe your closing cost. And so, if you are approved for a loan whether that be conventional or private, you can ask the seller to carry back a second to complete the transaction. This way, the seller gets most of their equity out of the property and some interest payments to boot, and you get into the deal using none of your own money. Another option for is second. It is not a seller second but you can still kind of work this strategy with other sources of funds. There is no money down acquisition for yourself. It can be through a credit card or a credit line or you got a HELOC. A credit card is good. I mean just like the ones that my students are using from epicfastfunding.com. That’s another way that you can access those funds and use those funds is to go ahead and start helping yourself with the acquisition. So if that’s something that makes sense to you, get to epicfastfunding.com, it’s 60 seconds, application process, all online and boom, within 24 hours you have a word and as soon as 7 days you are going to have up to a $150,000 for that. Okay? So, that’s number three, epicfastfunding.com or excuse me the seller second and it’s not number three, it’s number four. So, number four is the seller second.

Moving along. Number five, lease option. At long last, in the event that you can’t figure out how to fund your real estate deal you can do a lease option. The lease option what it does is it permits you to get into the house for practically zero cash down, and it gives you the exclusive privilege to purchase the property in the future. It’s typically a few years, one to three years - probably the standard term for that. This time period is what’s going to give you the opportunity to either obtain long term financing so you got the exclusive rights so go out and find financing for it or it’s going to give you time to go out and find a buyer for the property or it’s going to give you time to go out and find a buyer for the option on that property. Additionally, you can structure your deal so that a portion of the monthly lease payments are applied to the eventual purchase. So, there is an overview of what’s to come when we talk about seller carry back to we talked about -- (1) was conventional financing, (2) is seller carry back, (3) subject to, (4) the seller second, and (5) the lease option. So there is an overview of what’s to come. I’ll see you then as we continue creating your Epic Wealth.

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Real estate investments involve a high degree of risk. Residential income and returns may vary and are not guaranteed. Past performance is no indication of future performance. Nothing herein shall be construed as investment, tax, legal, or accounting advice.

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