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best markets for real estate

Ingo Winzer, a contributor at Forbs, published a well-researched article about the best markets for real estate in 2019. However, we are here to tell you why you should not rush into them and what brings more value to your investment than the market itself. Stay tuned and learn what Winzer predicts for real estate this year, where to invest, and what actually determines whether a market is good or bad.

best markets for real estatebest markets for real estate

What You Will Learn About The Best Markets For Real Estate Investments In 2019:

  • Ingo Winzer’s predictions for 2019
  • His recommendation for investing this year
  • The list of top 20 markets to consider at the moment
  • Why you should not make your investment decision based only on numbers and stats
  • The reason why Cash Flow Savvy is in 7 out of 20 markets that are on the list
  • What to beware of when deciding where to invest and what deserves special due diligence

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All right. I just got done reading the Kylie Jenner article in Forbes. I just finished the whole thing, and that was the topic of last week’s Thought Leader Thursday. While I was browsing Forbes, I stumbled upon this article: The Best Markets For Real Estate Investments In 2019, written by contributing writer, Ingo Winzer. In the article, he writes, “This coming year, most real estate investor will want to stay away from the cities with soaring prices, where they’re more likely to end up holding the bag than to strike it rich. You can never know when a real estate bubble will burst.” He happens to think, though, it won’t happen in 2019. But in places like San Francisco, and Seattle, and Miami and Denver, caution there, that is now the order of the day right now.

He recommends that if you own property in these spots and plan to sell, do not wait until the market has peaked. Cash in now, I guess he’s recommending. And if you’re looking for a place to put that money, or if you’ve got some money sitting on the side that you’re looking to put to work, you should consider instead the 20 markets that he listed in the article. His list is based on all the really good, strong economic factors that you’d look at as you’re investing in real estate, like job growth, home appreciation verse the income, the affordability index, so to speak, and the average price-to-rent ratio.

Yeah, I’ll just go ahead and I’ll read the list in reverse order. So, these are the top 20. I’m going to start with number 20, and it doesn’t mean 20 is bad, it means 20 is good, right? It made the top 20 of all of the places in the United States to invest in. Here we go. Number 20, 19, 18, 17 and 16. Cincinnati, Ohio is number 20. Nashville, Tennessee. Greater Washington, DC. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. San Diego, California. Let’s give it to California. Rarely do we make these lists.

Okay, so then let’s go to, this would be 15 through 11, okay? Kansas City, Missouri. Memphis, Tennessee. Atlanta, Georgia. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Fort Worth, Texas. All right, let’s move into the top 10 best bets for 2019. Number 10: Indianapolis, Indiana. Nine is Portland, Oregon. Boston, Massachusetts is number eight. Seven is Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and number six is Silver Spring, Maryland. Then, let’s go to the top five. You ready? Number five is Cleveland, Ohio. Who knew? Number four, Charlotte, North Carolina. Number three is Jacksonville, Florida. Number two is Raleigh, North Carolina. Number one, are you ready? Orlando, Florida.

All righty, so there’s your top 20. If you’d like to see that list, I’ll go ahead and hand this over to my blog manager, my podcast producer, Luka, and he’ll go ahead and he’ll paste that image into the show notes so you can go and review. All right. That’s at and this is, what? Episode 616. Oh, my God, that’s a lot of episodes. All righty, so these are the 20 of the top markets that he recommends for 2019, and I share this article with you because if you were to take this article and take action based off its findings, like if you’re already packing your bags for Orlando, Florida right now. If you head down there and whether you’re successful or not, it likely is not going to have to do with anything with regard to what put that property on this list. Right?

I’m not picking on the list, by any means, it looks like it’s a well-researched list. I like his logic, it looks fine to me. But I’m picking on making investment decisions based off of any market’s numbers or stats. You know, if this was all you had to consider, and this information was just 70% accurate, it’d still be pretty difficult to lose in these markets, but people in 2019 will most-assuredly lose in these markets. There will be losers and there will be a lot of losers in these markets, in this top 20. It won’t have anything to do with the market itself but rather the people that they chose to work with in those markets. The point being, real estate is safe. Nothing to worry about there. People are risky, and that’s where your concern should be focused.

Coincidentally, Cash Flow Savvy operates in seven of these 20 markets. But we’re in those markets, not because they made the list, we’ve been there a while and well before this list was put out. A lot of these markets have been on people’s radar, at economist’s and investor’s radar for a while. We’re in seven of these 20, but we’re not in there for any of the reasons that are listed on this list. Well, I guess it has something to do with our decision process but we’re in those markets primarily because we have good teams there. We’ve got good contractors, we’ve got good property managers there.

You see, a good team will make any market, for the most part, a good market to invest in. You can take just about any market in the United States, you put good property management there and good contractors there, and that can be a really good performing asset for yourself. Conversely, a bad team will make any market on this list the worst place to invest in the entire country.

Certainly, pay attention to stuff like job growth and affordability, and purchase-to-rent ratios and migration, and supply-and-demand. Those things are all indeed important to your investment decisions. But, they all get trumped by the team. Why is it that every time I use the word ‘trump’ now, it feels like a pun? I don’t even know the origin of ‘trump’ when the market gets ‘trumped’ by the team, for like your ‘trump card’. Does that have to do with the President? I don’t know. Anyway, you know what I mean. That your team is going to have a bigger impact on your results that the market indicators.

So, today’s lesson, do as much due diligence on the team that will be managing your rehabs and your tenants, as you do on the physical properties and the markets themselves. If you do that, it’s pretty tough to lose in real estate. That’s why I love it, and that’s why I’m here. God bless, and to your success. I’m Matt Theriault, living the dream.

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