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The Epic Real Estate Investing Show welcomes Dr. Robert Borer, a chiropractor and successful real estate investor through the REI Ace program. He shares the simple lesson that led him to a breakthrough within 30 days, how he goes about balancing real estate and his clinic (with great success), the very first “reward” he bought with his money earned from investing, and much more!

Balancing Real Estate and the Day Job with Dr. Borer

What You Will Learn About Balancing Real Estate and the Day Job with Dr. Borer:

  • How Dr. Borer found himself investing in real estate
  • What he did differently in his investing before and after the economy crash
  • The most helpful lesson Dr. Borer learned from the REI Ace framework
  • What caused him to have a breakthrough and find success within 30 days
  • How real estate investing became fun for Dr. Borer
  • How he distributes his time between real estate investing and his chiropractic clinic
  • Why he has a 5:1 flip-to-hold ratio (and why he plans to change that in the future)
  • What a day in the life looks like for Dr. Borer
  • How he leverages partnerships for success
  • How to recognize indirect results from your marketing
  • The positive impact working two jobs has had on Dr. Borer
  • How Dr. Borer rewards himself (and what the first item on his “rewards list” was!)
  • Why he almost didn’t join the REI Ace program
  • His favorite part of working with the Epic team

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Speaker 1: This is Theriault Media.

Matt: Yeah, hello. And welcome to Epic Real Estate Investing. This is a show where I share the strategy, tips, and tricks and insights of mine and my guests to reaching financial independence through real estate. And although this has all of the signs and the feelings of being a real estate show, it’s really a money show disguised as a real estate show, meaning the real secret to financial independence, and I think that’s what we all really want, the real secret to that and obtaining that is creating streams of cash, streams of income. You know, we’re all taught to work for 40 to 50 years to create a pile of cash, so that it will eventually reach heights someday to where it will create a stream of cash for you.

I mean, that’s the ultimate goal. Even regardless of which approach you to take to it, the goal is to create the stream of cash that’s gonna support you with or without you working. So, the stats show that that plan, building the pile of cash to create the stream of cash, isn’t going to work for 95% of you. And the 5% that do make it, did it by giving priority to their streams of income over those piles of income. It’s just a little shift in mindset. Of which the stream then created the pile. So, just rather than focusing on the pile to create the stream, you focus on the stream and let the stream, once you’ve got it in excess of what you need to live on, you let that excess then build the pile.

And of those 5% that went in that direction, 74% of them either made it or preserve it with real estate. And all I have to say is I don’t care where your streams of income come from. There are many ways to create them, but we discuss real estate on this show because it’s how the majority, that 74% of those that succeeded, that’s how they did it, through real estate. I mean, it really presents your best odds of getting it done, and your best odds by far. It’s where the possibility is for you, and if you put in the work that we’ve been discussing here on the show for the last eight years, that possibility turns into probability.

My dad, he never figured that out. But I did though. By the grace of God and some good mentors, and just some right decisions, I did figure it out. And I’m building much of what I’m building so that my son has a blueprint. So, this is all documented for him with all the necessary help that he needs to make financial independence happen for himself. And I want you to have that option for yourself as well. I mean, it’s the final frontier where the average person has a legitimate shot at creating epic wealth. All righty, so if you’re picking up what I’m putting down, I want you to join me at the next Epic Intensive. And we’ll create your own custom rat race escape plan. We’ll work side by side to get it done just for you. That’s May 31st to June 2nd, in Indianapolis, Indiana. And to reserve, your seat, just go to

And speaking of the intensive, this past event that we held in Los Angeles, Josh Miller joined me on stage to share his story over the last 12 months, and it’s pretty miraculous. Maybe not, a miracle might be too strong of a word for it. It’s just a testament what focused energy on the right activities will do, and in the audience, while Josh was with me on stage sharing, there were three people that were sitting next to Josh the year prior at the intensive, where Josh decided to join the R-E-I Ace program. So, there were three people in the audience watching Josh up on stage, and they were both sitting side by side at one point in time, and I don’t know exactly what they were thinking but I can imagine it was something along the lines of, “Wow, Josh took action, and look where he is right now. We were starting from the same place one year ago, and he’s on stage sharing his success, and I’m sitting here in the audience again, and I’m watching.”

And that wasn’t planned. I don’t think I could’ve planned it. I’m only sharing it with you because two of those three people brought it to my attention at the end of the intensive. Anyway, I’ve had Josh here on the show a couple times before, so today isn’t about him. It’s actually about someone else that was at that same first intensive that Josh was. And I invited him on to share his experience over that same period of time. So, please help me welcome to the show, Doctor Robert [Borer 00:09:40]. Robert, welcome to Epic Real Estate Investing.

Robert Borer: Hey man, it’s great to be here.

Matt:  Yeah, I know, isn’t it? What’s so great about it?

Robert:  Yeah, no, it’s awesome. And I mean, it’s been a great journey. I didn’t really think I would be as far along as I am right now, so it’s fantastic, and I owe it to this process that you’re walking me through.

Matt: Sweet, sweet. Thank you for that. And thanks for just doing the work, because I mean, you’re just a great example of demonstrating if you do the work, you do the right activities, do them consistently, you get the results. And there’s really no magic about it, and as I said, you have been a great testimony to that. So, I talked a little bit and introduced, shared with everybody a little bit about you before we started talking here, but can you just kind of … I don’t know. Tell me what were you doing just before you found us here at Epic?

Robert: Yeah, perfect, perfect. Well, I’ve been kind of dabbling in real estate over the years. I was probably most intently into it prior to the ’08 crash, and that really kind of made things go off the rails. And all along I’ve had a day job as a chiropractor, so I’ve been really enjoying helping people and working on their backs. So, that’s my day job, but really-

Matt:  Work on their backs, you’re a chiropractor.

Robert: Yeah. Exactly. So, what’s nice about being a chiropractor is it gives me a little flexibility to add something like real estate investing so I can kind of mold my office hours around creating the time to get out and see those properties that I contact for those distressed sellers, and you know, have a little bit of flexibility to get out and see something right on the spur of the moment. But yeah, I mean, basically before I met you, I was just doing chiropractic full time. My whole real estate, kind of investing process had kind of gone off the tracks in the ’08 crash, and I thought about wanting …

I’d really had a hunger to get back into it, so I can’t quite remember exactly how we met. I know we met at an intensive, and I’m trying to remember how I got your name for the first time. I probably was listening to your podcast. I listen to maybe a dozen or so podcasts right now, and I started just getting my kind of confidence, and my understanding of what to do, and I knew I needed some coaching, and I think that’s pretty much where we connected.

Matt: Got it, got it. So, maybe you just kind of answered that but what were you really looking to achieve? Or what problem were you facing at that moment?

Robert: Well, really systems, forms, definitely some hand holding. Just making sure I wasn’t gonna do it wrong like I did last time, you know? You’ve really kinda wrapped my head around heaving the right investing strategy and mindset, investing for cash flow, not cash chunks, or cash … you know.

Matt:  Right.

Robert:  Big amounts-

Matt: Piles of cash verse the streams of cash.

Robert: Just getting the streams of cash going, yeah. So that’s really been my focus, that’s my target right now, that’s my goal. I am wholesaling to fund my purchases of buying and hold. So, that’s kind of my strategy is to do some wholesaling, stockpile enough money to buy a buy and hold, and then pull the trigger on that and actually keep properties that I wholesale.

Matt:  Got it. Perfect. So, at that moment, what was it … Installing the systems and getting some handholding, what did you see for your future if you didn’t get that assistance or didn’t get that help?

Robert: Well, I knew I’d be making lots of mistakes, and expensive mistakes. And it’s kind of funny how you’ve shared some of your expensive mistakes, and I appreciate that. You save me a lot of money by sharing some of those. And you know, that’s it. In real estate investing, I think you can make some pretty big [oopses 00:13:40], by just not knowing some real simple details, some strategies, some ways to mitigate risk, and just to kind of know what you’re doing. I mean, going into it and knowing how to analyze a deal. Right now I can kind of analyze a deal in less than 30 seconds, you know? And know whether I should even keep talking to the seller or not.

Or just say, “Listen, this is … Pull the ripcord, I’m out of here, because this just doesn’t even make sense.” You know, you just need some good framework to know, “Okay, am I going into something that I’m going to make money in? Or is this just a dead end and I just need to just get out of here as fast as possible?”

Matt:  Yeah, so quick decisions, the ability to make quick decisions. What three parts of the R-E-I Ace system have had the biggest impact on you?

Robert: Wow. I didn’t know there was gonna be a quiz here. So, it’s funny, how you classify things, and how I kind of remember things, so I don’t even know if I maybe am gonna say these things right as far as your systems, but-

Matt: There’s no right … there’s no wrong answers to these questions. So, you’re safe.

Robert: Exactly. Right. I mean, you know, there’s a lot, you learn a lot through you and you’re always learning. I’m always listening to your podcast. So, I mean, if you were to say what’s my biggest thing that I’m maybe focused on, or maybe I use, that I’ve learned from you would certainly be an analysis. So, how to break down a deal, how to figure out the cash on cash return, how to figure out if it’s gonna make money for me and my investors that I turn around and wholesale it to. Absolutely your R-E-I solutions, dashboard, and technology that you use, that you provide for your clients is invaluable because it merges everything as far as C-R-M, the analysis, creating the three letter option, intent, that’s just …

So, that, analyzing and then presenting to offer, that three letter option, is super key because many people love that. That three letter option, they say, “Oh well, you know, can I get more?” I’m like, “Well, yeah, but we’ll have to talk about terms”, you know? And that means interest, balloon, or payments over time. And people, you explain it to them and it makes sense. It’s like having a tenant but no toilets, you know? I’m paying you every month, what’s not to like about that? So, some people just love that.

Matt: Right, right. Super. So, I don’t know, I guess at this moment, I guess … I’ve been trying to get you on the phone for a while, and our schedules have conflicted a little bit, but I think we’re hitting right about the one year anniversary, right? Of when we got started?

Robert: Yeah, we’re gonna meet in Indy here for the intensive, yeah.

Matt: That’s right. That’s gonna be great. I guess in the first two or three months, you had called me. You were a little puzzled, little confused, and I wouldn’t say panicked, but you were like, “Hmm, this isn’t working.” And then the next time we talked, I was like, “Listen, you gotta do the right activities, Robert. You gotta do it consistently, just push through and just trust the process.” We’re Philadelphia themed right now, right? With the 76’ers. Trust the process. But really, that’s kind of what it is. The next time I talked to you, maybe 30 days later, you had three deals under contract and you’re like, “This is great. I love this.” And the whole future you had before you.

I don’t know, tell me what was the shift there?

Robert: Yeah, good one. I would really just say persistence, you know? Just not letting obstacles get in your way, not letting little setbacks discourage you. I guess that’s just kind of in my DNA. So, that kinda comes naturally to me. It’s just kinda me being a little stubborn. Maybe being a little thick headed, but saying, “Listen, I’m gonna make this work.” That stick-to-itiveness I think is what it was. It’s just like listen, I trust Matt, I just in my gut, in my heart, I know he knows what he’s talking about. I just know he knows his stuff, so I’m just gonna just follow it, just whatever. Maybe not blindly, but just stubbornly, and then it just started clicking. Then I started to prove it to myself. Then I started to see the success, I started to see the fruits of the labor, and then it just becomes fun.

Matt:  Right. Yeah, so we had about 90 days of figuring out, putting it all together, and then you had this breakthrough, so we’re about I guess nine months in when you really hit your stride. So, what have you accomplished in the last nine months?

Robert: Yeah, really good. You know, some of these things, you know, do take longer than you expect. I’m still waiting to close on a couple deals that I started months ago, and it’s just whatever. You just don’t get discouraged by that. Tenants are sometimes not cooperative, inspections don’t go the way you think they’re going to, and now you gotta do a little due diligence, kinda clean up work. So, what have I done, let me think? I’ve gone through a number of closings, that’s been very fun to post those closing check pictures. That’s been lots of fun. Posting some of that to Facebook on your site.

So, those are great fun. I haven’t posted all of them actually, but you know, I don’t wanna, whatever. Get too-

Matt:  Yeah, you don’t wanna brag.

Robert: Too full of myself here. Yeah. But anyway, so that’s tons of fun. So, there’s lots in the pipeline. Like right now, I’m gonna go look at two properties this Saturday. So, it’s constant, right? You’re always sending out mail, I’m sending out mail every week. I’m talking to people almost every other day on the phone. I get tons of incoming calls.

Matt: All right, and you’re still working your chiropractic business full time?

Robert: Exactly, exactly. And that’s kind of the goal and the objective is to kind of dial that down a little bit as I … I’m not an old man yet, but as the years start piling on, I wanna not have to use my body quite so physically, and just kinda use it more, use my brain a little bit more by doing the whole real estate direction. And so, I’m gonna kind of transition more from being full time in the office to being a more full timeout, kind of boots on the ground working my real estate. So, that’s kind of the transition probably the next 10 years, is gonna be it going from full-time chiropractic to probably full-time real estate.

Matt:  Got it. Okay, so out of those half dozen deals, how many … what’s the ratio of flipping to holding?

Robert: Let’s see. I am holding one and I’ve flipped the other five.

Matt: Okay. Is it because they weren’t good fits for your portfolio? Or is there another reason?

Robert: Cash flow probably more than anything. The one I may even do a little hard money to wrap it up. I’m needing like 40K to go to close to keep it. So, it’s just a matter of being still, like you’re saying, kind of in my training wheels stage. I’m still getting my cash flow built up. I’m still getting my cash flow kind of established. Once I kinda get that all clicking, things will get a lot easier, because then things start accumulating, this starts compounding, you start having that money to hold that property, whereas right now I don’t. Right now I’m still … cash flow is still a little tight. I can’t say I can just keep every one that I get.

So, I’m definitely wholesaling more right now, just to build up the reserves.

Matt: Okay. Perfect. Now that you’re managing your … There’s a lot of people that are listening right now that are very interested because they have a day job, or they have a career, and they aspire to do very much what you’re talking about and what you’ve done so far. What does your day to day activity look like, and I would say how many hours a week are you actually spending on your real estate portion of your business?

Robert:  Yeah, got it. So, anybody listening, it’s really doable … If you’re self-employed it’s super doable. If you’ve got your own business that you run, and you kinda make your own hours, it’s 100% doable. Because you can really modify it to really fit around the real estate. Now, you’re working for the IBM kinda corporate job, and you gotta be there the nine to five, little tougher, but you can still make all your phone calls during lunch and after work.

So, for me, I don’t want … I don’t know what patients are listening right now, but [crosstalk 00:22:06] happens in the office, always. When I’m with you, I’m 100% there, all right? But there’s lots of time in between patients, I’m checking my voicemails, I’m checking my incoming messages, I’m even returning calls in between patients sometimes when something’s really hot, I wanna make that call now. You can actually hear it in the sellers’ voice, and you’re like, “Okay, this is a motivated seller. This needs to be addressed immediately.

So, how much time? Let me think. So, almost every day I’m on my R-E-I Solutions, checking okay, what’s come in, what’s not come in, how many web forms have been filled out, what do I need to respond to? And then you look at it, you kind of vet it before you can call the guy back, right? You kinda say is this even something I wanna call back on? So, I don’t know, that actually takes up quite a bit of time, so I’m thinking at least probably an hour a day, maybe two hours. I’d say minimum, probably I’m doing either deal analysis, returning phone calls, vetting deals, just kinda checking, managing my contact list, updating my contact list as I get a buyer interested in one of my properties I throw them onto my buyers’ list.

So, there’s lots of kinda admin stuff I can do during the day. Weekends, evenings I look at properties, so I do a lot of my due diligence and walking properties, taking pictures, doing walkthrough videos, and it’s also sweet, I wanna tell you. I hooked up with this contractor. I actually sold one of my properties to this contractor, who’s also an investor, and he does all my due diligence with me now. It’s fricking phenomenal. So, I just call him up, I say, “Dude, we’re gonna go look at this property.” He’s like, “I’m there.” And this guy’s been done rehab on R-E-O’s for like 20 years. He’s said he’s done rehabs on burnt out gutted, the worst rehab job you’ve ever seen in your life.

So, he knows what he’s talking about. So, now I have this in my back pocket, this due diligence like a dynamo. And so, I walk my properties with this dude now, and he’s like, “Okay, this is wrong, this is wrong, this is wrong”, and it’s amazing. So, I’ve got contracts signed right on the spot with this guy, just tearing these sellers’ properties to pieces verbally. You know, it’s like listen. He’s like, “Oh, so I see this over here.” I’m like, “I never would’ve seen that.” So, anyways. So, I’m going on about this dude, but it was awesome. So, you’ll meet …

So, the moral of the story is you’ll meet really cool people like I know you have who will … Kinda you’ll bring into your team, and you’ll make part of your whole system. Somehow this guy, this is my contractor, he’s part of my team here locally in Detroit, we’ve got a great title company. I and my title crew are just tight and they’re awesome.

Matt: So, have you found that just by doing the amount of activity that you’re doing, even if opportunity or deals don’t come directly from the activity that you’re doing, but by being active, indirectly a bunch of stuff starts to happen. You notice that?

Robert: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, I mean, you just keep talking to people. I even met an investor … I met another buyer who wanted to buy one of my properties, but it wasn’t quite the right mix maybe, R-0-I for him. But we had lunch and turns out he becomes a silent investor. He wants to fund my marketing now because he wants first ride refusal for some of my deals. I’m like, “No problem. I’ll run them by you first. If you’re giving me X thousand a month for marketing.”

So, that was another cool deal I ran across. So, you run across really fun stuff, and that was just like, I just wanted to actually find out what my buyers’ buying criteria were, you know? I said, “Hey, let’s have lunch. I wanna figure out what your buying criteria is, whatever.” And then suddenly he’s saying, “Listen, what if I gave you money every month to do marketing, could I get first priority to refuse?” I’m like, “I’ve got … Absolutely.” And we even set it up where I don’t have to give him every deal because I wanna keep some deals too. So, I said, “Well, so I’ll just show you some of the deals.” He says, “Yeah, that’s good.” I’m like, “Okay, we’re good.” You know, so … Anyways. So, that was a really fun deal too.

Matt: Super.

Robert:  So, I don’t know, almost every weekend I’m looking at properties. Almost every night I’m doing deal analysis, talking to sellers, talking to buyers. So, I don’t know, it’s not overwhelming, it’s kinda fun to me. I don’t know, I haven’t added the hours up, but I don’t know, two hours a night plus maybe six hours on the weekend total. What is that? I don’t know, that’s like 20 hours a week or something. Something like that, maybe.

Matt: Okay.

Robert: But it’s not really work, you know?

Matt: Yeah. It seems like you enjoy it.

Robert: Yeah, it’s fun. Every deal you walk into it’s different. It’s like weird. It’s also kind of like a treasure hunt. What am I gonna find? You know, what’s behind this door? Oh, that’s interesting. Oh, so you’ve had pit bulls in here. Oh, okay, that’s interesting.

Matt: Hilarious. All right. So, now that you’ve incorporated real estate and you’ve got some consistent results going on, it is your side hustle now with your chiropractic profession. How has it impacted you personally?

Robert: Well, it’s been great. It’s really been great. I mean, it’s a great confidence booster, I’ll tell you what. I mean, everyone thinks doctors are just sitting on their yacht on weekends, on the golf course, and living large. You know, whatever. Self-employment is also a big hustle. You’re trying to promote your business and keep your business profit margins there, and it’s stressful, right? Ask any business owner, they’ll say yeah, there’s stress. Not that it’s not rewarding and fun. So, it’s decreasing my stress tremendously. I actually buy things now. It’s amazing. You know? I’m like, “Oh, I wanna buy that.” And I buy it, you know? It’s like, no I don’t like, “Oh my God, how am I ever going to afford that. Oh my God, I gotta save six months to buy that.” No, now I just buy it, you know?

So, it’s kinda fun. It’s like I give myself some rewards. Every time I close I decide to buy something. I have a list. I made myself a rewards list. So, I say, “Okay, every time I close, I’m buying something.” And it’s kinda nice. It’s not just a pack of bubble gum. It’s like [crosstalk 00:28:31].

Matt: Can I ask what was the first thing on that list?

Robert:  What was the first thing? I bought a series of display cubes for all of my signed memorabilia. My basketballs and my footballs, from all of the sports figures who I’ve been slowly trying to get signatures from over the years. And they were all just kinda sitting in bags, and just horrible. And just, “Oh man, I wanna have some nice display cases for this.” And you know, each of those costs like whatever, 100 bucks, to have a nice display case. So, I just bought a whole series of display cases for all my memorabilia. So, that was really fun. Yeah.

Matt: Sweet. Finish this sentence for me. I almost didn’t join the R-E-I Ace program because …

Robert:  Wow. Good one. Good one. Because I almost couldn’t creatively work out how to make the finances work. We did something really fun. I don’t know if you remember, we did something really fun, got it funded, I don’t even know if we should go into all these gory details or not. But anyways, we figured out how to find the money, and how to pay for it, and I knew it was something I had to do, I knew I needed the coaching. I knew I needed just that little boost to just get over the hump. Like right now, I think I’m just cruising with great momentum, and I’m gonna stick with you because I just like the interaction, I like coaching, I like you personally. You’re a cool dude. You’re a good guy to hang out with, and it’s just a fun program you run.

So, I’m sticking with you. What else? But I knew I needed to kind of get that little … I had to get over the hump and I had to get there. I think I’m there. I think I’m cruising. I don’t think I’m set on easy street yet, but I’m definitely rolling. So, I wanna keep that going, yeah. I’m just glad I somehow figured out the money, and you helped me with that, and your team helped me with it, and it all worked out great.

Matt:  Super. Super. So, last question here, maybe it’s the last. Maybe I have two more. My favorite part of working with Epic is …

Robert: Wow. I don’t know, I just kinda like everything. I mean, I like hanging out with you, I like interacting with you. I like that your coaching style. I think your whole team’s great. From William, your techie dude, who’s behind the scenes making sure all the computer stuff is working. He’s constantly coming up with stuff to make my life easier, and make my kinda process run smoother, and all your client’s processes run smoother. Your intensives are cool. I learn every time I go. I can’t wait to get out to Indy here real soon. Yeah, you just make the whole process enjoyable, you make the whole process fun, and interesting, and just keeping making me wanna keep learning and keep moving forward.

Matt: Sweet, sweet. So, who would you recommend this program to, and why? Because it’s not a good fit for everybody, so who would you recommend it to?

Robert: You know, that’s a good question. I guess I’m not super good at maybe figuring that out. It was a good fit for me. I think anybody that is willing to put in some work, and willing to apply themselves, and really take the coaching. And I’ve gone through many business coaches throughout my career, both for chiropractic and other businesses, and this was no different. I said I know I need coaching on this. I know I need somebody to guide me and speed up my learning curve, and that’s the way I look at it. It’s just speeding up your learning curve. So, I mean, somebody …

You could probably piece this together painfully through podcasts, and online websites, you don’t quite know who to trust, and what’s valid and what’s gonna work and what’s not. So, I really wanted somebody that knew what they’re talking about, has done there, been there, been successful at it. So, I don’t know, I guess anybody listening that just needs to know you’re the real deal, you’re a straight shooter, you’ve been very fair with me, you’ve been very forthcoming with knowledge. There’s nothing sneaky or tricky about anything you’re presenting. I don’t know, I’ve stepped my foot into lots of bear traps where you know, it’s like wow, how am I gonna get out of this contract?

So, I’ve been in a number of those, yours is definitely not one of those. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I have never even contemplated wanting to get out of my contract with you. In fact, I’m just figuring out how to re-up with you. So, I don’t know, I mean, I think people should not be afraid of engaging with you. They shouldn’t be thinking that oh, it’s too good to be true, or what’s the catch. I think you just need to throw all that out the window. I’ve really enjoyed it, and it’s been nothing but beneficial to me.

Matt: Awesome. Well, thanks, Rob. I appreciate that. And it’s been actually very much a pleasure working with you. You really kinda fit the mold of my favorite type of people to work with. I like people that can throw the cynicism and the skepticism aside, understand the value of speeding up that learning curve, but there are also at the same time, they know it’s not all gonna be done for them. That they have to do the work themselves. And you know, I think you and I, we’ve complicated each other really well. That you’ve got the results you were looking for, and you’re on track to get even more, and you’ve made me look good too. So, it’s a win-win.

Robert: Yeah, it’s a win-win. Definitely a win-win. No question.

Matt: So, perfect. So, yeah, I’m looking forward to, here in a couple months … I don’t know when this will actually air. Maybe it will have passed already, but gonna see you in a couple months in Indianapolis. We’re gonna hang out at the next intensive, and we’re gonna have a blast.

Robert: Yeah, yeah. Looking forward to it.

Matt:  Cool. All right. Well, I’ll let you go. I gotta run. And we’ll talk soon, okay?

Robert: All right, man. My pleasure.

Matt: Take care, Rob.

Robert: All right, bye-bye.

Matt:  Bye. All righty. So, whenever you are ready, here are two ways that I can help you become the healthy, wealthy beast of an investor God designed you to be. You see, I frequently hear from people looking into investing in real estate for the first time, how long is this going to take? And I’ve heard that so much so that I’ve created a short course about the two easiest and fastest strategies to a paycheck in real estate. So, if you’ve yet to do your first deal, or its been a while since you’ve done a deal, you might wanna just check in to make sure that you’re not missing anything. That you’ve got all the bases covered.

So, there’s a complimentary copy of that course waiting for you at Free real estate investing course dot dom. Or if you’d like to work directly with me one on one on your business, go to Share with me a little bit about your business, and what you like to work on, and then I’ll get you all the details. All righty? God bless. And to your success, I’m Matt Theriault, living the dream.