Attracting Leads with Broadcasting

Attracting Leads with Broadcasting

There are people out there who want what you’re selling… but if they don’t know you exist, they may as well not be there at all. That’s why attracting leads with broadcasting is so important.

Attracting Leads With Broadcasting

If you believe in the service you provide and you’re truly trying to help people, it’s frustrating when you can’t find any people to help! Having too few leads to talk to and working way too hard for pitiful results can wear you down. I know – I’ve been there!

That’s why I’m going to share the “attracting leads” strategy I used years ago to mitigate this problem. I’m going to walk you through how I did it, what I did, and why.

Mo Money, Less Problems

To put it succinctly, you’ll be attracting leads by broadcasting your message. This strategy is effective because if you do it right, everyone who needs to hear your message will hear it. As a result, you’ll never be short on opportunity and you’ll get more results from less effort. It’s an amazing use of leverage!

Ultimately, you’ll watch more money come into your bank account than leave it.

And that’s what you’re here for, right? To make your income outpace your expenses so you can build a business, acquire assets, and create the financial independence that real estate investing promises?

If you want to be a badass investor and accomplish all of the above, you’ve come to the right place.

What’s Worked for Us at Epic

This is just one of many methods, but voice broadcasting has been highly effective for us at Epic lately.

We used to send out one voice broadcast a month with a service called Sly Broadcast, but now that REI.Solutions can do the same thing, it’s an even simpler process:

  1. We create a short recorded message.
  2. We broadcast this message so that it hits our prospects’ voicemails. It goes straight to their voicemail without making their phone ring, and then it shows up as a missed call from our live answer phone number.
  3. Tons of people call back. I’m not sure why this is so much more effective than dialing these people individually, but it is.

We’ve collected about 7,000 leads over our years of marketing, so when we use this strategy, we hit 7,000 people at once with the click of a button.

I said earlier that this yields many more callbacks than other methods – which is true! – but overall, it’s still a very small percentage of people that call back. Regardless, just about every time we do this, it accounts for an extra deal that month. Not bad for just recording a message and hitting a button.

This works really well for us, and I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for you, too.

5 Principles for Attracting Leads With Broadcasting

But that’s enough about the Epic team. Let’s talk about YOU.

I have 5 hot principles for attracting leads with broadcasting that will make a huge impact on your business.

Principle #1: Why Do You Want to Do This?

There are a lot of good reasons for attracting leads with broadcasting. For example…

1. You can hit a large amount of people.

Not only that, but you can hit them with minimal effort and expenses on your part.

This is a shotgun form of marketing. It’s like throwing a handful of spaghetti against the wall and watching to see which noodles stick.

2. You can leverage technology.

Hitting thousands of people can be done with just the click of a button. Best of all, this process is easily automated.

3. It’s quick.

Push button, collect callbacks. Boom.

attracting leads

Principle #2: What Different Forms of Broadcasting Methods Can You Use?

There are all sorts of broadcasting methods available. A few of them are:

  • Broadcasting a voice message to people’s cell phones (like I already mentioned)
  • Sending a text message to people’s cell phones
  • Sending out direct mail (postcards or letters)
  • Speaking into a microphone at a live event or in front of a large group of people

These are all forms of broadcasting. They hit a large amount of people in one swoop.

Some even bigger ones are…

Social Media

You can broadcast your message via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. They even give you the option to boost your messages so you can hit a larger number of people, and not just any people – a targeted audience of your choice.

Facebook messenger and regular email can be used for broadcasting, too – there are tons of bots that exist for that now.

YouTube & Podcasts

Attracting leads via YouTube and podcasts can be especially powerful.

Now that the internet has been around as a tool for the masses for nearly 20 years, people are catching on to the tips and tricks of search engine optimization. At this point, it’s incredibly difficult to get a blog post or article on your website to rank. At the very least, it takes a lot of time and work.

But with videos, you can get preferential treatment from the search engines – specifically, Google. If you have a YouTube video or podcast that addresses your subject matter, it’s much easier to get that to rank than yet another blog post.

A (Long) Word on Podcasts

I guess it’s not a surprise that I have a lot to say about podcasts considering we run the #2 real estate podcast on iTunes.

But you don’t have to release a weekly episode like I do. You don’t have to be a “podcaster” and take on yet another business venture.

Rather, I’d suggest launching a very niche podcast.

For example, if you lived in Columbus, Ohio, maybe your podcast would be called, “How to Stop Foreclosures in Columbus, Ohio.”

Who in their right mind would listen to that? Only people who live in Columbus, Ohio who want to stop foreclosure, right?

With published episodes of this podcast, those people could find you through Google searches or iTunes searches, and you’d come out way ahead of someone with yet another general blog post targeted at all people in danger of foreclosure.

The Birth of The Epic Real Estate Investing Show

When Mercedes and I got started, we made our own meetup group. We were doing educational events about avoiding foreclosure.

Every time we did an event, we’d get around 4-6 people to show up, and one or two of them would become a client of ours. That’s how we found deals.

One thing that worked really well for us was specifically naming the event after what we were going to accomplish. This was successful in attracting leads that were our ideal client type… but we still struggled to get a large amount of people to show up.

And then we launched our podcast in 2009. On the very first day, 100 people listened to our first episode.

We looked at each other and it was like a light bulb went off above our heads. It would’ve taken 20 events to get 100 people to hear our message. With a podcast, we’d been able to do it in one day!

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Everything is Temporary… Except Podcasts

When you finish a podcast episode, that broadcast message stays there on the web forever. It just keeps going and going.

We just had a person sign up for the REI Ace program. I met her last weekend, and she’d just found the podcast two months prior. Basically, she was a brand new listener – and the episodes she’d listened to were nearly eight years old!

So I’m not saying you have to be a “podcaster” or set up a studio in your house or anything. But if you just record an episode on your iPhone and upload it to the internet, I highly doubt it’d be a waste of time.


Even more ways for attracting leads with broadcasting are:

  • Canvassing neighborhoods with fliers, handbills, or sticky notes
  • Putting notes or business cards on people’s doors
  • Wearing your message on a T-shirt, hat, or car
  • Putting your message on a billboard

These are slower forms of broadcasting, but they’re still great ways to hit everyone in your area.

TV & Radio

TV and radio are more traditional types of broadcasting, but they still qualify and are completely doable.

In fact, it’s probably a lot cheaper to run a 30- or 60-second TV commercial than you think, particularly if you choose a more obscure cable channel.


Baseball season is coming up for my son, and they’re looking for a sponsor. If I were to do that, my banner would sit right out in left field for everyone to see, every single game.

Principle #3: How Do You Make Sure Nothing Falls Through the Cracks?

If you’re going to broadcast to a lot of people, you need to be prepared to receive a lot of responses.

To prepare, you’ll need a few things:

1. A Call to Action

First, you need a call to action. You don’t want people to drive by your ad and say, “That’s interesting.” No! You want these people to pick up the phone and call you. So in your ad, you need to tell them to do that. That’s a call to action.

It doesn’t have to be a call, though. It could really be anything.

Bonus points if you tell them to go to your website and you have something free for them to download there, like a book or a cheat sheet.

2. A Way to Capture Lead Information

Attracting leads is all for naught if you don’t have a way to collect their information. Wherever you send them to – a phone number, a web page, or whatever it may be – there must be a system there in place to collect their name and phone number at minimum.

They perform the call to action you request, and you get their information in return.

3. An Automated Follow-Up System

Now that you have all of your leads’ information, you can implement an automated follow-up system. The new, updated version of REI.Solutions will take care of all this for you automatically, but you can also set this up in any decent CRM.

I love the show Gold Rush, and it reminds me a bit of follow-up systems. The characters in that show run dirt through a little processing machine called a sluice box that separates the dirt from the gold. Any time they get a little hole in their sluice box, it’s a big deal because it means they’re losing gold.

You don’t want to lose gold, so make sure all the holes in your sluice box are covered up tight! Don’t let a single lead slip through the cracks.

An automated follow-up system will help you do just that – capture and nurture every lead possible without letting your marketing efforts go to waste.

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Principle #4: How Do You Craft a Message That Gets a Response?

This is the big one.

This is the step that separates success from failure.

Up to this point, if you just follow the steps, you’ll get results… but crafting a message that gets responses is what will determine a winning campaign from a losing one.

Now, here’s the deal: Nobody is going to respond to your broadcast unless they want to. So that’s the key… You have to make them WANT to respond.

Better yet… Make them NEED to respond.

So keep those two parts in mind: How can I make my audience WANT or NEED to respond?

The EPIC Message Framework

Here at Epic, we have a simple framework for creating messages that give your audience a reason to respond. We call it our EPIC message.

E = Expect a Reply

You have to send a message that would make anyone in their right mind respond.

P = Persona

Make this message sound like it’s coming from a person. Skip the corporate-y lino. We’ve found that by being really personal, people respond in higher percentages.

I = Integrity

The message must have integrity. Do not lie to people. Only offer things you are willing and able to fulfill. None of this “Call now to get a million dollars!” stuff.

C = Concise

People are busy. Keep the message as short as you can without losing effectiveness, and pay attention to the medium you’re using. The context of an email might differ from the context of a Facebook post.

Some Examples…

“A friend just shared your property with me. Are you still accepting all-cash offers?”

“I noticed your name in my system and I’m getting ready to send an offer to you. Not sure if I have the right address and I’d hate for this to end up in the wrong hands. Please call me back to confirm.”

“I’m getting together with a small group of property owners tonight to show them how to stop foreclosure. Would you like to join us?”

Principle #5: When and How Often Should You Do This?

I’m a big believer in consistency, and I like to err on the side of “too much” when it comes to quantity.

With that said, I am of the mindset that you should mix it up.

At Epic, we do a “once per month” method. We’ll send out one voice broadcast, one text message, one email broadcast, and one piece of direct mail to our list within one month. In addition, we’ll run a Facebook ad the entire month to the whole market, which contains that list.

In short, use as many methods as you can consistently manage.

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How to Start Attracting Leads With Broadcasting

Now, it’s time to put these 5 principles to work!

Here’s your action plan:

  1. Set up your call capture systems. Get your phone number and website all ready to go.
  2. Put your follow-up system in place so it’s ready once the leads come in. Either set up your auto-responders or put a reminder in your schedule to manually follow up with these leads.
  3. Choose your broadcast method.
  4. Craft your message for whichever medium you chose.
  5. Schedule it out far into the future – at least three months, but I’d highly recommend six.
  6. When the date approaches, broadcast it! You can automate this, delegate this, or do it yourself, but however you do it, make sure to maintain consistent communication.
  7. Add a new broadcast to your marketing campaign and repeat the whole process. Build these on top of each other one at a time. The key is to never take on more than you can do consistently.

Still Struggling?

If you follow the seven steps above, I can practically guarantee you’ll be attracting leads almost immediately.

But if you’re still struggling, or if you have plenty of leads but just can’t seem to turn one into your first deal… I have something for you. And the best part is, it’s free.

I’ve created a real estate investing course that walks you through absolutely EVERYTHING you need to do to get your first deal – and I really do mean everything!

There’s no gimics, no upsells, no useless filler – just comprehensive videos of me talking to the camera, giving it to you straight. I’ll mention a couple of our Epic services, but none of them are necessary for your first deal. All you need is the course (and a couple of other free resources that I’ll plug in there, too).

I haven’t decided how many people I’m going to let into this free course, so get it now while you can.


Matt Theriault

Real estate investor and educator.