What to Do if Success is Eluding You | EREI 321

There are plenty of well-versed investors with connections, knowledge, and talent that struggle to achieve more success.

At the same time, other investors that are lacking networks, know-how and resources are out there with flourishing businesses.

What is the biggest difference between investors that succeed that those that don’t? What does it take to turn opportunity to profit?

How can you continue on in the face of challenges to achieve the success you envision for yourself?

It starts here today with Financial Freedom Friday!

What You Will Learn About What to Do if Success is Eluding You and How to Achieve More Success:

Achieve More Success

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achieve more success


Matt Theriault: You know, your mindset – it’s got more to do with success than anything else.

Speaker 1: It’s time for Financial Freedom Friday with Matt Theriault.

Matt: There are plenty of real estate investors who are very smart, and they’re well-versed in a variety of investment strategies and in a variety of asset classes. They’ve got numerous strategic relationships. They’ve got this gift for gab, and the results are average, sometimes marginal.

Then, there are real estate investors who have just enough knowledge to get by. They hardly know a soul, likely due to their social awkwardness – yet their businesses flourish. How can that be?

Success in real estate investing – it’s not simply a product of one’s education, experience, network, resources, and talents, but rather, the result of one’s attitude and resourcefulness. It’s more than just being able to see the glass half-full – that’s not what I’m talking about here. It’s the ability to see opportunities coupled with the resolve to take the required actions to turn those opportunities into profits. Some people, they’ve got a view of challenge, and they choose to focus on the positive. The more that they do, the more resolute their judgment to take the actions necessary to achieve their goals. They press on regardless, and they succeed.

Then, others – they’ll view the same challenge – the exact same challenge – and focus on the negative. The stronger their beliefs grow about the improbability of successfully meeting the challenge, and the futility of investing any effort in its pursuit. They give up, and the result is correlate. Your success is nothing more or less than what you envision it to be. If success is eluding you, perhaps it’s time for you, for a shift in focus, from how you can’t succeed to how you can. It’s the Epic way.