What They’re Not Telling You About Your 401K

It’s no secret that the 401k experiment has been a miserable failure. First, it is based entirely on a flawed accumulation theory that people will be able to save enough of their limited income to live off of in the future. Second, the 401k has already publicly failed: The market crash of 2008 forced many hard-working and well-intentioned Americans to downgrade their lifestyles and delay their retirements. Today Matt will share why you should get your money out of the 401k and where to invest it instead.


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What You’ll Learn:

  • Why the 401k experiment has been a disaster for most people.
  • The two biggest problems with the 401k.
  • Why growing your savings is not the key to financial freedom.
  • What residual income is and how it can make you financially free.
  • The 3 reasons that rental real estate is a smarter investment than a 401k.
  • Why you may want to consider withdrawing from your 401k; and
  • Why you shouldn’t even consider the taxes associated with withdrawing your money.
  • What “they” don’t want you to know about the 401k experiment.



Transcript coming soon. Please check back.


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