How to Create a 3 Option LOI for a Property w/a Mortgage | EREI 241

How to Create a 3 Option LOI for a Property w/a Mortgage | EREI 241

Epic 3 Option LOI for closing more deals with creative real estate investing strategies with Epic real estate investing podcast show podcasting podcasters for passive income wealth building through real estate investingEpic Real Estate Investing shares creative ways to structure the terms of your deals to achieve maximum return on investment. Discover how to use the 3 option LOI even when the seller has a mortgage and how the price point should shift based upon the terms of the deal. Learn more creative ways to set the terms for a deal that will provide you cash flow and equity.

Are you ready to learn how you can continue to build your passive income portfolio with properties that provide cash flow and equity? Join is as we get prepared for an incredible 2017 and discover even more creative ways to build wealth with Epic Real Estate Investing.

What You Will Learn About Creating a 3 Option LOI for a Property with a Mortgage:

  • Why your ideas are your most powerful asset
  • How the 3 option letter of intent can be used for you
  • How to use the 3 option LOI in various situations
  • Why every situation for every deal is different
  • What to do when a seller is curious about the 3 options letter
  • How to make the math work when a mortgage is still due
  • More options for creating a deal
  • How to shift the price point based upon the terms of the deal
  • Ten ways to pay someone $100,000
  • More ways you can create the terms that will create profit for you
  • Merry Christmas to Everyone!

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