20 Deals and Growing in His First 18 Months… w/ Paul Thompson | EREI 250

20 Deals and Growing in His First 18 Months… w/ Paul Thompson | EREI 250

 The right tools are critical as Paul Thompson shares his story of 20 deals in 18 months with Epic Real Estate Investing podcast. Tool soup featuring Paul ThompsonJoin Epic Real Estate Investing for an insightful podcast interview with creative real estate investor Paul Thompson. Share in the commitment to action and dedication to personal growth with a look at how Paul achieved 20 deals in his first 18 months of investing.

Learn how Paul acquires his sweetest deals through various networking strategies. Then discover how to enhance your communications to overcome the variety of challenges real estate investors face marketing to sellers in the digital age. It’s about having all the right tools.

What You Will Learn About How Paul Thompson Achieved 20 Deals and Growing in His First 18 Months:

  • The benefits of investing in yourself

  • How to not be dependent on a single stream of income

  • Excelling in creative real estate and owner financing

  • How to achieve 20 deals in 18 months investing in real estate

  • Why the decision to commit to action is the difference

  • Why networking is the best strategy for acquiring the sweetest deals

  • How sharing time and energy with a network can build your authority

  • Ways to find more buyers

  • How to improve your business functions for better cash flow management

  • Why continuing education is critical for real estate investors

  • How to differentiate yourself with multiple marketing methods

  • Ways to adapt to attract more motivated sellers

  • How to make your offer sweeter to separate yourself from the competition

  • How the digital age is changing real estate marketing

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