How Robert Kiyosaki And I Can Help You with a Second Chance at Life

Robert Kiyosaki Second Chance Book

My life changed when, due to circumstances beyond my control, the music industry changed… dramatically.  Originally, an industry where consumers purchased records, tapes and compact disks when I began working in it, it shifted to automatic downloads and iTunes.  While this transition has been largely positive for consumers; for me, it reduced my incredibly successful business to one that came crashing down around me.  I went, in a very short period of time, from having the income to do whatever I wanted, to bagging groceries in a grocery store to stay afloat for six months and wondering how I got there.  That is when Robert Kiyosaki came into my life.


After reading Robert’s book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I learned it was up to me to make the decision to become part of the middle class poor, or to choose to be rich, and get even richer.  I chose the latter.  Not only have Robert’s books helped me change my outlook – and my life, but his newest book, Second Chance, is truly written for those of us who have been challenged, like me.

Robert Kiyosaki Second Chance

In Second Chance, Robert Kiyosaki proffers the theory that when one can see the future before it happens, he/she can make choices, thus changing his/her future.  Second Chance, according to Robert, “was designed so the reader can see into their future.”  Had I known about this before the music industry changes, I would have prepared a plan to transition into something else long before it was too late.


Robert Kiyosaki understands that the financial experts of today play it safe and are extremely conservative, while the middle class are being ripped off, and the rich are getting even richer.  Financial freedom is not a “one size fits all” concept.  There are three sides to every coin: heads, tails, and the edge of the coin from which we can see the full picture. I used to stand on one side.  Today, I stand on the edge.

Robert Kiyosaki Second Chance Book Interview Behind The Scenes

Now that I have interviewed Robert, and I continue to learn more and more from him, I can see how to make the most out of my financial, professional, and personal lives.  Now, I challenge each and every person reading this blog to a “do over” or “second chance”.  Even if you don’t feel you need one, and you think your life is perfect, there is always room for improvement.  If you aren’t standing on the edge of the coin in all aspects of your life, move to the edge on just one, and gain perspective you never thought possible.


What will you change?  What will you do differently?  If creating financial freedom and increasing your wealth is important to you, I invite you to tune-in to one of my iTunes (I know, the irony) podcasts (Do Over, Epic Real Estate Investing, Turnkey Real Estate Investing) as a starting point as I would love to help you make that happen, just as Robert Kiyosaki has done for me.


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