What to Do if Success is Eluding You | EREI 321

There are plenty of well-versed investors with connections, knowledge, and talent that struggle to achieve more success. At the same time, other investors that are lacking networks, know-how and resources are out there with ...


What To Do and Say At The House w/ Jeff Garner | EREI 292

Want to know how to talk to sellers to secure more contracts? Then don’t miss out on the Epic opportunities that are in front of you. This educational episode of Epic Real Estate Investing features communications expert Je...


$90K Per Year to $1.2 Million w/ Brad Donley | EREI 291

Epic Real Estate Investing shares the key to success with St. Louis investor Brad Donley. Learn how Brad took one simple Epic Pro Academy tool and put it to work everyday in building his million-dollar investing business. De...

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