Accelerate Your Journey to Financial Freedom | Financial Freedom Friday

Accelerate Your Journey to Financial FreedomIn an effort to be fiscally responsible, a huge number of Americans devote their working lives to an investment philosophy that tells them to give up their lattes and put any extra cash they have into retirement accounts.

On today’s show, Matt urges listeners to forget about the traditional 40-year plan and instead pursue the four-year plan that can lead you to financial freedom.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Why waiting for your retirement accounts to perform is a bad idea.
  • The two paths that you can choose on your journey to financial freedom; and
  • Why the road less traveled is your best bet.
  • How to leverage your knowledge and assets.
  • The mental shift required to accelerate your journey to financial freedom.
  • Why you should choose the 4-year plan over the 40-year plan; and
  • What happens if you hit a setback or even completely fail in your plan.



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