How to Pulverize Every Objection You Will Ever Receive | EREI 220


epic real estate investing provides financial freedom through passive income cash flow investmentsThere is no reason to prolong your journey to financial freedom. Communication with sellers is the path. Learn to address the objections of sellers like a pro and put yourself ahead of the competition.

Take the handoff from Matt as he opens up the playbook for scoring deals in a shifting market. Matt shares specific strategies for understanding the seller, initiating offers, handling objections, and finally closing the deal. Build your passive income real estate portfolio and break free from the rat race faster. Game time!

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to beat the competition in a low inventory market
  • How becoming a problem solver equals equity
  • First three questions real estate investors should ask when engaging sellers
  • Dealing with objections of all kinds
  • Why being a member of Epic Pro Academy gives you “partners”
  • Easy ways to initiate offers with apprehensive sellers
  • Why working with the seller against the market is the play
  • Why discovering the motivations of the seller can get you deals
  • How to use data in your favor
  • How to handle common objections with tact and grace
  • Why honesty and transparency gets the deal closed
  • How to “make money while you’re sleeping.”
  • Why the Epic Intensive makes dollars and sense


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