Parker Stiles, Flipping Houses and Potential Trouble for Wholesalers | EREI 207


Epic-Real-Estate-Investing-Podcast-with-Matt-Theriault-Parker Stiles,-Flipping-Houses-and-Potential-Trouble-for-WholesalersToday Matt is interviewing Epic Pro Academy member, Parker Stiles, about how his life has become an “Instagram dream” – working on the beach, doing what he loves, and making good money.  The two discuss why there is never a perfect time to start investing, the importance of good contractors, how to get price reductions from sellers, why you shouldn’t have a plan B, and much more!  Enjoy!


What You’ll Learn:

  • How the equitable rights work when using an option agreement; and
  • Why the intent with which you enter the agreement matters.
  • Why you should resist the urge to brag about your income.
  • How Parker got started in real estate.
  • Why getting fired was the catalyst to his successful investing career.
  • The reason Parker decided to get 1-on-1 coaching from Matt.
  • Why he believes there is never a perfect time to jump into real estate investing.
  • How long it took Parker to get his first deal done.
  • How he was able to talk the seller down in price.
  • The importance of finding a good contractor in Parker’s business.
  • Why he never counts on appreciation.
  • The words that almost made Parker drop the phone.
  • What he is excited about this year.
  • Why Parker believes that real estate investing worked for him.



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