Persistence Will Pay with Francis Rodriguez | EREI 121


Persistence Will Pay with Francis RodriquezFrancis Rodriguez, an Epic podcast fan and member of the Epic Pro Academy, is Matt’s special guest on today’s show. Many listeners will be able to relate to Francis’ story, since he’s a beginning investor still working to transform promising leads into actual deals.

In this interview, Matt offers valuable advice on how Francis can optimize his methods for generating leads and also improve his close rate. Listen and enjoy!



What You’ll Learn:

  • How Francis got started in real estate investing; and
  • Where his entrepreneurial spirit came from.
  • How much real estate he actually learned in his $10,000 real estate investing education course (hint: not very much).
  • How a lack of funding stopped him from investing full time.
  • Why he believes that real estate investing is his best chance out of the rat race.
  • How he separates himself from the other investors in his area.
  • Where he found the funding for his first rentals.
  • What it means to retire before your money does.
  • The type of direct mail that Francis is using with his probate leads.
  • How he used a mentor to learn more about lead generation in his area.
  • The metrics of how his direct mail campaign is performing.
  • How many direct mail pieces you should shoot for each month.
  • What to do if your potential sellers aren’t interested in selling at your price.
  • The most crucial part of the seller information questionnaire.
  • The importance of time management in Francis’ business.




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Will Pay Francis Rodriguez



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