Creative Acquisition Strategy to the Maximum | EREI 236


Epic Real Estate Investing continues with Day 3 of... The Epic 89. Use the daily success report and a proven system to execute your plan for financial freedom through passive income cash flow real estate investing. Acquisition strategy to generate leads and build deal flow will speed up your journey to Epic Wealth.Epic Real Estate Investing continues with Day 3 of… The Epic 89! Today our focus is on refining our acquisition strategy. The goal is to close an extra deal or two before Christmas and accomplish more in the next 89 days than most will in 12 months. Join us!

See, the Epic 89 will allow you to close an extra deal or two before Christmas if you are ready to do the work. Just access this proven system for steady action and realize consistent goal achievement.

But… The Epic 89 is for SERIOUS INVESTORS ONLY.

Follow the Epic 89 to gain clarity on your daily efforts. It will empower you to consistently fulfill your money-making activities.  Gain improved focus on lead generation and creative acquisition of investment properties. Seize this amazing opportunity and take full advantage of… The Epic 89!


What You Will Learn About Creative Acquisition Strategy:

  • How  Epic 89 can help you close your next deal fast
  • The power of the Daily Success Report
  • Examples of consistent action providing real wealth
  • How the Daily Success Report is scientifically proven to drive results
  • Why continuing to do the work is guaranteed to payoff
  • How you can climb from a dead stop to the top of the success pyramid
  • How the Epic 89 can impact your acquisition strategy
  • A proven step-by-step process for engaging sellers to get more traction and generate more response from your leads
  • How to produce consistent results once and for all
  • A special ninja-like letter as a prospecting tool will get you more properties under contract
  • How to analyze a FSBO property to create an appealing offer that the seller will SERIOUSLY consider
  • How to double the amount of offers you get accepted
  • AND how to use the seller’s money to build your cash flow portfolio


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