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Cold Calling

Today on the Epic Real Estate Investing Show, Matt Theriault interviews Alyssa Rispoli, a cold calling specialist! Find out why cold calling is the primary deal-finding resource for her team, who they call, and how they find numbers.

You can also enjoy our new podcast segment, Epic Field Reports, and find out how a property can be bought for $30,000 and sold for $42,500 in just 30 days!

Cold Calling

What You Will Learn About the School of Cold Calling – Alyssa Rispoli:

  • Discover the new segment of the podcast, Epic Field Reports
  • Find out how a property can be bought for $30,000 and sold for $42,500 in just 30 days
  • What Josiah Wilson, who made this killer deal, learned from it
  • How he is going to celebrate this win
  • How Alyssa Rispoli, the cold calling specialist, took her first steps in real estate
  • Why cold calling is the primary deal-finding resource for her team
  • Who they call and how they find the numbers
  • How many numbers they dial each day
  • Why it is important to track KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • The importance of targeted lists and motivators
  • Why the “Do Not Call” list is a convenient tool
  • The significance of being transparent, helpful, and tolerant when cold calling
  • The importance of a mentor when starting a business
  • Find about the cold calling course that Alyssa and her team have put together at
  • Alyssa’s insights into the present and future state of the market in St. Louis

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