Zero to 10 Deals Per Month with Tom Roisum | EREI 215

Today Matt is chatting with physician turned full-time real estate investor, Dr. Tom Roisum.  Tom is sharing his most successful tactics and resources he has used to build his business from the ground up – including what his ...


OMG! The Market is Shifting…What Do I Do? | EREI 211

As you may already know, here at Epic Real Estate we do not believe that there is such a thing as “good” or “bad” markets — there are only “up” markets and “down” markets.  And all of the signs indicate that we are headin...


What to Do When Nobody Will Buy Your Deal | EREI 209

This podcast is tackling one of our most common questions: what do you do when nobody will buy your deal?  Should you throw in the towel and conclude that real estate investing isn’t for you?  Of course not! Today Matt giv...

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