EREI 97: The Dream Begins! How Freedom Happens

Continuing in our Living the Dream series, you now own the property and have the tenant. Matt will discuss exactly how to manage your finances, manage repairs and maintenance, and manage your tenants for maximum efficiency. Matt will discuss the key to your success: the difference between an accumulation mindset and a residual income mindset.

EREI 95: Virtual Wholesaling! Reality, or Myth? with Lisa Nilson

You'll find no shortage of "how to" programs on virtual wholesaling, but is it really possible to operate your wholesaling business from one location and transact real estate in another? Matt Theriault takes a break from the Living the Dream Series, which will continue next episode, to share with you his experiment to establish whether "virtual wholesaling" is real or a myth.

EREI 94: How to Sort Your Leads, Get Your Offer Accepted, and Close the Deal

Last week on the “Living the Dream” series, we learned that the quality of your leads is in the quantity of your leads. So now that you can expect dozens of leads coming across your desk daily, it’s time to learn how to sort them. On today’s episode, you’ll learn how to sort your leads, get your offer accepted, and close the deal.

EREI 93: How to Generate More Leads

At this point, you have identified your property criteria and minimum deal standards. Now it’s time to go out and find them. It's not a magic postcard. It's not a magic script. It's not a magic email. Nope, none of those are going to help you generate more leads over the other. But there is one thing you can do to increase the effectiveness of any and all lead generation strategies. On this episode, Matt shares that "one thing."

EREI 91: How to Find the Best Markets to Assist You in Escaping the “Rat Race”

For the purpose of this "Living the Dream" series, Goal #1 is to "Escape the Rat Race" and Goal #2 is to "Get Wealthy." So first step is first. There are certain markets and types of properties will assist you in escaping the rat race sooner than others. In this episode, Matt will show you what to look for and how to find these financial freedom markets.

EREI 90: How to Get Your Dream Exponentially Faster

Inject maximum efficiency into your business by understanding and implementing one crucial business concept. This concept makes all businesses better and stronger, but in real estate it accelerates wealth creation too! You’ll also learn how to identify the right investments for you and Matt’s technique for making quick confident decisions that land him the best deals on a regular basis.

EREI 89: Getting Started Living the Dream!

Matt Theriault has showed you and many others how to make a lot of money (active income) investing in real estate, and although he preaches the concept of passive income and ultimately living the dream of financial freedom, he hasn't spent a bunch of time on the "nuts n' bolts" of how to achieve it (passive income). Today, the madness stops!

EREI 88: Now Become a DEAL Magnet

In last week’s episode, you learned the three steps required to become a money magnet. Today you’ll become a "deal magnet" by following a basic principle found in this episode. By applying Matt’s strategies, you will have a network of dozens of real estate professionals eager to refer deals to you!